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I am a Minimalist and an unapologetic Solopreneur. I regularly help people Live More With Less, Create a Location Independent Income and Escape the Pointless Rat Race with Minimalist Living Ideas. 

I have a dream of traveling the world as a Digital Nomad. Seeing the world and earning Location Independent Income in the process. .


“If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich.”

I have downsized and cut all of my cost. I have been happier living simply with only what is essential in my life. Only with what I care about and only what brings me joy. It’s GREAT! I got rid of so much useless stuff.

Stuff I never used or even wanted. Stuff I thought I would use SOMEDAY. All of it I spent time storing, physically and mentally managing. Now living a Living Simple Minimalist Lifestyle with more time and less stress and only managing what is important to me.

I think it is important to see the country of my birth first before I travel to see the world. I am earning a little income online as an Affiliate Marketer and with my lower expenses, I am almost on my way to begin to see every nook and cranny of the United States and then the world.

The Living Simple Minimalist Lifestyle has been good to me. I believe you should spend time online adding value in your life and not adding value to social media companies.

Why only earn profits for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the like? Why not make it a two-way street? Learn How I Was Transformed and Empowered.

I worked as a Field Engineer Consultant for a Telecommunications company in the New York City area. I own other websites Digital 925, Borg Web Hosting, and a few more. In my travels, I have witnessed everyday people running at full pace on this hamster wheel we call life.

I was one of them a short while ago, Before my living simple transformation. Keeping up with the self-inflicted pressures of life (debt, bills, taxes, toys, and keeping up with the Jones’s).

I have also seen many people who fell off the hamster wheel and seen those that got off willingly. As a living simple minimalist, I now almost stress-free, calm, and more present in life.

I love IT type of work and I would probably do it for the rest of my life. But I would also love that I have slowed life down, be more present, and fill it with what is important to me when possible. To learn what I can do for you [Click Here]

“Possessing things increase your responsibility to maintain them. Hence, it is important to carefully choose your belongings. The time you save from having to arrange less things can be used for doing the things you really like”


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