Affilorama Affiliate Program: The Truth About This Business Opportunity

Affilorama affiliate programPRODUCT NAME: Affilorama
Overall Ranking: 7 out of 10
Price: Free, $1, $67/Month
Owners: Mark Ling





If you are thinking about joining Affilorama affiliate program take a few minutes with me to compare it with its competitors. I am presenting a nonbiased professional review of Affilorama. Is it a SCAM? Definitely Not. Is it for you maybe?

What is Affilorama affiliate program? Affilorama affiliate program is an online set of offerings with tons of videos that accumulate to more than hundreds of hours. Affilorama offers training lessons and written material that teach how to start and run an online business. Affilorama was founded in 2005 by Mark Ling, who is a well-known entrepreneur.


Affilorama affiliate programMark Ling is an Internet marketing expert who is widely known and respected. His proven successes have earned him millions of dollars, hundreds of thousands of students, and multiple business awards






  • Free to start
  • Somewhat active online community.
  • Affilorama offers many courses, videos and written. Teaching affiliate marketing and online business.
  • The premium membership is reasonably priced for what you get.
  • Affilorama paid membership will give everything you need to start building a successful online business in internet marketing.




  • Offers many other products at an extra cost.
  • Some of the training talks about outdated topics like backlinking.
  • Offers too many levels of membership that can be confusing


Who Is Affilorama affiliate program For?

Affilorama affiliate program is for anyone who wants to learn to build a profitable online business. It is also for anyone that is struggling with an existing affiliate marketing or online business. Affilorama will take you to step by step in the process of creating a profitable online business over time.

Affilorama affiliate program will provide a foolproof blueprint for creating profitable affiliate marketing websites. It will teach you the step by step process that makes it very easy to make money online.

Affilorama provides tools that will analyze how your website is performing and the tools to improve performance. These tools will produce reports that enhance your ability to earn income from your websites.

Affilorama will find you profitable niches, powerful keywords, quality content, and stunning graphics to help build your business. It will help you put it together, turn it on, and start earning online. Join With Me!


Tools And Training Overview

  • Free membership – You get about 20 hours of training videos, written materials, and interviews with other well-known and successful internet marketers. Be aware that there are a few sales talks and upsells urging you to upgrade to premium membership and other offerings. This can be annoying for some. With that said Affilorama affiliate program free training will teach you all the basics you should know. Things like website building, content creation and search engine optimization.
  • Affilorama Premium Membership – You can get a taste of what the premium membership will offer for just $1 for 30 days.

The premium package offers a complete training package. The free membership gives you about 20 hours of videos, but the premium membership offers hundreds of hours of training videos. Once you become serious about making money online you should go premium. Join With Me!

  • Affilio Tools – Offers squeeze pages, opt-in form templates, affiliate link cloaking, header creator and pop over generator among other things. There is a free option so you are welcome to give it a try.


Affilorama affiliate program


AffiloTools crunches data from a range of premium sources to find out what’s REALLY happening on your website.
Search engines, social media, revenue… All your most important data, all in one place.

  • AffiloBlueprint   Is a collection of hundreds of videos covering a wide range of topics ranging from building a website, writing content and  SEO ranking. Different from the premium membership AffiloBlueprint shows you exactly how the owner, Mark Ling built his affiliate website from scratch and you can follow those videos step by step to create your profitable website the same way.


AffiloBlueprint can be used in conjunction with the premium membership or as a quick hit stand-alone program. You can enjoy the educational material of the premium membership for just a one-time payment. I suggest that a complete novice stick with the premium membership.

  • AffiloJetpack – This offer is CLOSED until further notice. You can opt-in to be notified when the new revamped AffiloJetPack is offered again.




  • Free Membership – $0/month
  • Premium Membership – $67/month
  • Affilo Tools – FREE, $17, $47, $97 one-time
  • Affilo Blueprint – $197 one-time
  • Affilo Jetpack – $497 one-time (CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)


Will Affilorama affiliate program and its other offerings provide a path for you to create a profitable website, I would have to say YES. Like I mentioned earlier the pricing can be expensive and confusing.

I suggest you stick with the premium membership if you do not understand or need the other offerings. I also suggest you try the AffiloBlueprint offer if you have a little experience and just would like the training without the membership. If money is tight for you the free membership is the place to start.

Just remember Affilorama affiliate program is not a get rich quick program. It will take a few months to get up and running. If done correctly you can produce a profitable affiliate marketing website that could be earning profits on autopilot.

With all of its positives, I have found the Wealthy Affiliate is more rounded to me. The Wealthy Affiliate community is also a huge plus and will be an asset to your success. Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate



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6 thoughts on “Affilorama Affiliate Program: The Truth About This Business Opportunity”


    I think both WA and Affilorama are good programs, for me, it is a matter of preference

  2. This site does sound intriguing and pleasurable, yet a bit expensive as you have already mentioned. I’d test drive the trial version to see if I would consider this as a resource. However, thank you again Tony for the great review man!

  3. Tony,

    Affilorama sounds like an intriguing program!

    How would you compare it to Wealthy Affiliate? If I’m already a member of the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) community, does Affilorama offer additional trainings that complement those already available through WA?

    Should I do both?

    As you have an in-depth expertise in these types of products, I’d appreciate your advice on this topic. Certainly I could afford $1 for 30 days! Or should I simply delve deeper into WA’s already excellent offerings?

    Thanks for the review, the advice, and your recommendations!


    1. Roger;

      I rated Wealthy Affiliate higher than Affilorama. I don’t think you would reap a benefit from Affilorama as WA member.

      WA has a great active community, up to date training and active owners at a lower price.

      Affilorama is good and offers many options, some at a extra cost. The AffiloBlueprint Is an option I do like. One time price for the training but as WA member may be something you already have.

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