The AirWheel Green Electric Self-balancing Unicycle



The Airwheel is an amazing Green Electric Self-balancing Unicycle. It’s portable and has a range of 16 to 25 miles. If this is true it is again amazing.

It would be great to take public transportation (Train, Bus or Light Rail) close to your destination and then just ride the Airwheel a mile or more to your destination.

Since trying to live a more simple minimalist life The Airwheel may be what I need.



I would use The Airwheel every day in my work. I would get off of a subway train in New York City and then ride this self-balancing unicycle to my job of the day.

While I was there I would be re-charging it for my return trip. When the work is completed I would scoot around the city living like a tourist on The Airwheel.

Easy To Ride

In my research, there are mixed results as to the ease of riding The Airwheel. Some people seem to become experts within minutes and others seem to never get the hang of it.

The lighter single-wheel units look to be the most difficult to ride. They also have less range and are more suitable for those who will only ride it for shorter range riding.

The heavier dual-wheel units seem to be more stable and easier to ride. These are the units more suitable for those who would like to ride for long-distance. This would be the unit for me.

I probably would not need to ride for more than 10 to 15 miles but it is nice to know that I could.

Green Electric Machine

In my opinion, The Airwheel is the ultimate green vehicle. It is fully portable, electric and can be ridden great distances on one charge. It has zero emissions and charges fully very quickly, usually in 90 minutes.

I have seen a video of people riding The Airwheel on all terrains. It is stable enough to ride over bumps, over curbs, and down dirt roads. It looks to be perfect to use for hiking and camping.

A less physically fit person could accompany a more physically fit person on a hike or camping trip by riding The Airwheel along the way. The Airwheel could be used (as the above video shows) to commute to work and lower carbon footprints.

The Airwheel Features

Maximum Speed:About 18km/h (Alert activated at 12km/h)

Range per charge: About 40-60km.

Please note range may vary with rider’s weight, road condition, and temperature.

Safe Climbing Angle: About 15 degree

Battery: 260/340Wh Lithium (protection board with SOC equalization)

Temperature: -10C ~ 40C

Weight Limit: 120Kg

Charge Time: About 90min

Size: 450*395*160mm

Main Body Weight: 11.2Kg (without training wheel)

Tilting Protection

When Airwheel titles at over 45 degrees sideways, e.g. when it turns over, the control system will activate tilting protection. The motor will stall immediately to prevent injuries.

Speed Control

Airwheel sets a maximum speed.

When speed exceeds 12km/h, the front end of the foot platform will rise gradually and when the speed exceeds 16km.h, the foot platform will pose a 10-degree angle to the leveling surface, which stop you from inclining further to accelerate.

Low Battery Protection

When the power level falls lower than 15%, all four lights will blink and the buzzer will beep. The front end of the pedal will rise to force you to decelerate and eventually stop.


What’s The Future?

Who knows the future. Will The Airwheel go the way of the Segway? Will a company like Apple or Google improve on the concept and bring it to the masses? Only time will tell. For now, The Airwheel looks cool and fun to ride. Shop For Airwheel.




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