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If you are overwhelmed, stressed out and under-inspired, I have been there and did not like it much. I have worked too hard, spent too much and slept too little. I also spent much of my life being a great employee. I have been on that treadmill controlled by the whims of the calendar.

The calendar told me when to pay bills, when to relax, when to be happy, when to shop, what to buy and when to be stressed out. I also found out I love being free. I love having more time and money to enjoy family and friends.

I created this website to teach what I have learned about simple living more with less, be stress-free, live happier and live a life of IMPACT. This has been a simple life changing and philosophy. To get rid of two homes full of possessions and responsibilities lead to more money, less stress more time for family, friends, and community. This means more freedom!

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