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  1. James Kelly says:

    Some very thought provoking and valid comments in this article Tony. We all are guilty of storing useless possessions that clutter up our houses and we need to regularly ‘spring clean’! Why do most people only do this when they move house?

    1. Thanks for the comment James. So true. So many sentimental ties with possessions dissolve when it is time to move. Also moving is a time you are confronted with all of the useless possessions you have accumulated.

  2. Steven Varley says:

    Do you think that chasing all the “shiney2 things in life has contributed towards depression?
    I always like to think of tribes people live a possesion free life and I am not aware of depression in the tribe

    1. I agree Steven. Thom Hartmann was just talking about this on his radio show. He was discussing how The Iroquois Tribes in this area (New York /New Jersey) had a communal society. Possession were not important to them and everyone was considered equal. So equal that the Americans captured in war became full pledged members of the community. So much so that when later rescued they ran away to return back to the Iroquois Tribes opting for that better way of life. Mary Jemison is a popular example.