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  1. Anthony little says:

    People will always try to stop you from achieving your goal, best to turn them lose and keep moving toward success..thank for this post..

  2. Beth White says:

    I had to back off being around a neighbor, she was always so negative by pointing out all the negative things in our neighborhood. And she thought she was better than everyone else by reporting to me what she thought is wrong in others. I did feel friendless for a few days, after politely backing off from her invitations to join her and another neighbor at her condo’s pool for coffee and chit-chat. But I have better things to do with my life, as I want to surround myself with positive people. Now, I have more friends who are considerate of others and are positive people.

    After my kids left home, my husband and I downsized too much. It’s good to live in a very small apartment, well, for a little awhile. And it did help us gain an appreciation for stuff and space. But when we buy our retirement home, we will be more aware of keeping it clutter free, so that it stays spacious. Thanks for your article.

  3. Nice. It seems like this minimalist lifestyle coincides greatly with my styles of practicality. Your points on not letting your friends and family try to change you is good. Many people fall victim to false love and never get anywhere no matter what the topic may be. Nice post.

    1. Sometimes you have to take the complexity out of a situation, do you and let the chips fall where they may.

    2. I my opinion you were correct in avoiding that negative neighbor Betty. She would have drained your positive energy and spoke badly about you to others in the neighborhood.

      I am sorry to say Betty but when you do buy your new retirement home and begin moving, your are going to wonder where all of the stuff you now own came from and do you really have to take it with you. LOL

  4. I love your section on simplifying! It’s so easy to just have a bunch of stuff…I know that all too well. You tell yourself things like “oh well maybe I’ll need this later…” or “…you can never have enough of these…”, but when you simplify stuff, get rid of crap you don’t use on a daily basis, it really just removes SO MUCH STRESS! Thank you for the timely advice on these mistakes to becoming a minimalist, you have some good stuff here.

    1. A agree Jay. Nothing like coming home, being at work or any other space you occupy and having clean surfaces. No unnecessary clutter anywhere. Clutter tends to breed stress, even the hidden clutter.

  5. Anthony little says:

    Its true in order to be successful in life is to unfriend those people who are stopping you from you goals. I like some tour your points you address in this post. Very interesting topic thanks for sharing .

    1. Yes. It is best to avoid negativity. Some people you just can’t avoid and you just have to deal with them. No one is all bad.