I am Beginnng to Like David Wildstein

David Wildstein


This was a Feb 2014 post. I am beginning to like David Wildstein. He is turning out to be a classic loyal street thug and I like that. When the Feds grabbed him he did not turn rat and snitch. He took the 5th with a wink for the whole world to see. My man even took the 5th when he was asked where he worked. He said I DON’T KNOW NOTHING! David Wildstein was sending two messages to Chris Christie. One Christie liked and one he would not like if he was paying attention and living in the real world.

After a two or more hour press conference, I realized Chris Christie  did not get Wildstein’s very important messages and he is not living in the real world. As a former prosecutor, Christie should know better than anyone to be quiet under these circumstances and not volunteer information. You would think his advisers would have advised him not to even give a lengthy press conference.

At best that marathon press conference will yield about 100 damaging sound bites, a presidential opponent could use against him and put on a 24-hour loop. At it’s worst it will be 100 sound bites of evidence used against him in a criminal trial. It looks like he was not advised against the press conference because he threw his closest advisers under the bus so they were not available to give him that good advice. That would explain the lame attack on a 16-year-old David Wildstein. Did he really go way back to High School in taking a shot a David Wildstein? Really?

Let’s get to the meat of the issue. The first message Wildstein sent Christie early was that he was not a snitch but he is not stupid also. He said there is evidence out there that would be damning to Christie. Wildstein is telling Christie to do something about that evidence because he will not purge himself or take the fall. It’s been some time now and Wildstein has not turned rat yet and street thugs honor that loyalty but Christie is taking huge craps on the man. Chris Christie puts no value on loyalty. I mean really.

Wildstein did not have the authority to do anything wrong here. Why do you think he is taking the 5th. Not to protect himself. The other message David Wildstein is telling Christie is WE GOT CAUGHT DUDE! He is telling Christie to come clean because they got caught. Wildstein knows there is evidence out there and he knows when these subpoenas go out some people will flip rather than do the time. The hold time Christie has been crapping on his childhood friend, David Wildstein has not given Christie up to the Feds yet and he has been waiting for Christie to step up and take ownership.

The bridge is not even the real scandal. Since the Feds have been shining a light on the Christie crime family they have found a possibility that Sandy funds have been mishandled and that is a huge crime compared to some old bridge. like someone said this is just the tip of the iceberg. I believe 20 subpoenas went out this week. Everyone is lawyering up and some are resigning positions. The rats have begun to jump ship and now it’s a race to see who cuts the first deal. Once that happens the flood gates will open because to say there is just a little corruption when corruption begins is like saying girlfriend is just a little bit pregnant.

Back to David Wildstein, I like him because he is not a cheese-eating rat. From what I have been able to find out about him is that peers say he is very detailed and organized. His was also a childhood friend of Chris Christie and  birds of a feather flock together. To me, that makes him a bully thug like Chris Christie. If I found this out about David Wildstein in a week does Chris Christie really believe he does not have at least one or maybe two get out of jail free cards stashed away? My money is on Wildstein walking away from this smelling like a rose.

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