Blog Commenting For Search Engine Optimization

Blog Commenting For Search Engine Optimization

When Blog Commenting For Search Engine Optimization it is always a good idea to follow blogs that have similar content to your own. Commenting on those blogs and getting to know the owners could only help your traffic and exposure. As a result, some of their visitors will visit your site. Of course, you would have to add value with your comments and participation for maximum results.

How To Do Blog Commenting For Search Engine Optimization?

You must find a niche that you are knowledgeable about so that your post will add value to the blog. You should have enough knowledge to be able to ask great questions, come to a knowledgeable conclusion and draw readers interest to your comments.

There is nothing wrong with making a list of or bookmark sites related to your niche and subscribing to the newsletters.  This will allow you get to know when new content is published. This is also a great way to gain more knowledge of the topic. It also helps you be able to comment quickly when notified. The advantage of being the first to comment is you get more eyes on your comment. You don’t have to read through a lot of comments to ensure you don’t repeat something that was already mentioned.

Remember when new content is published on the sites in your niche you choose to follow try to be one of the first to comment. There is value for you as mentioned earlier. Your comment could be a positive or negative one.  Don’t be harsh but it should always add value to the reader. Don’t just post “Great post” as it adds no value and will not get you noticed by readers or the owner of the blog.

SPAM Blog Commenting For Search Engine Optimization

This should be avoided. Your Search Engine Optimization strategy should not only be blog commenting. You should not spend all day every day commenting on blogs. If google senses that your only search engine optimization strategy is hundreds of blog comments and nothing else you may be flagged as using a link scheme.

If you comment normally as you go about your day your will be fine. You should also post content regularly to your site, have social media page comment linked to your site and likes and shares back to your site. That would be the profile of a normal search engine optimization profile Google would be looking for. It is very important to have other types of backlinks to your site and not just have blog comment backlinks.


Blog Commenting For Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Some believe Blog Commenting For Search Engine Optimization is a waste of time do to modern commenting systems. This system may have “no follow” tags associated with the comments so that google may not crawl them. Some systems actually load comment on another page away from the blog.  You may not get credit from that blog site for commenting. Many say the SEO value from blog comment are minimal.

To that I say fine. If the naysayers are correct (and no one knows what Google really does) and there is a small value from Blog Commenting For Search Engine Optimization I will take it. Because in the process of Blog Commenting For Search Engine Optimization you will be building a ton of social value and you will be gaining more knowledge on the chosen topic.

When Blog Commenting For Search Engine Optimization you will get your name and profile out there to the movers and shakers of your chosen niche. You will become acquainted and may even become friends with some of the owners of popular blogs in your chosen niche. You will get visitors to those popular blogs to visit your site and social media pages. I believe in the worst case scenario Blog Commenting For Search Engine Optimization still, has a ton of value.


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