Comedian’s Refusal To Apologize to Stupid People

What is wrong with America? Let’s not over do it and say you can give me the top ten. LOL. This comedian (Natasha Leggero) makes a joke (a funny one) about WWII veterans while at the same time slamming SpaghettiOs for tweeting a stupid Ad campaign and some of you who have nothing better to do demand an apology. This is an example of the dumbing down of America. One should NEVER under estimate the intelligence of a successful comedian or else take the chance of getting your ass handed to you all used and violated as she did to those witless critics. Above average intelligence is a prerequisite assett for a successful comedian to possess but unless I qualify that statement by saying I am referring to the above average world intelligence as opposed to American intelligence because if I were referring to have above average American intelligence it would be an insult to ALL comedians around the world. I love her response as it hits the nail on the head and gets straight to the point of some of the real problems that American war veterans face unnecessarily today. The problem is that her critics still don’t realize that they have been schooled. This type of dumbing down, it’s ever growing trend of being PROUD to be dumb and ignorant to the world around you is sickening. You are obligated to be at least mindful to whats going on around you. You do the research and make an attempt to be accurate just to be a contributing member of our society. In the animal world to do anything less than that would mean certain death. Natures self correcting feather to being a threat to the whole.


Natasha Leggero – Actress – Comedian – Female

Natasha Leggero – Comedy Central

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