Consume Responsibly For More Happiness and A Stronger Environment

Consume Responsibly

Consume Responsibly


Recognizing that we are consuming more than our planet can support (see One Planet Living), the Worldwatch Institute’s Gary Gardner explains how we can consume responsibly.

Ironically consuming more responsibly leads to more happiness and a stronger environment. Why do we over consume when it has no benefit to us whatsoever? I find that fascinating.

In most countries in the world, we can’t seem to stop buying. Worldwide, about three-quarters of us own at least one television set. There were 41 million new passenger vehicles in 2001, 5 times as many as in 1950. 91% of Americans consider a car a necessity and there are 3% of us who can’t live without an iPod.

To put things in perspective, globally we spend 18 billion dollars per year on makeup while a 10 billion annual contribution would help provide clean drinking water for all.



We spend 14 billion on ocean cruises annually and it would cost just 5 billion more in funding for universal literacy.

Many people believe the need to consume responsibly is to save the planet. The planet will always be fine. consuming responsibly will ensure humans will be around a little longer.

The planet has played host to many dominant species before human beings and will play host to many more after human beings. Consume more responsibly to help ensure continued human existence.

We can do better. I began by living a minimalist lifestyle and sourcing locally. This is a small start but I am learning more and more daily. Do you consume responsibly or not?

What are you doing to consume responsibly? Do you believe human consumption to be a problem? Or do you believe the planet can take care of itself and human beings should continue over-consuming her resources? It would love to learn your thoughts below.







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