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  1. Thanks for your comment Bob. Why a person started the journey is key. If a person is in Law School just because their family wants that for them and all they dream of is being a dancer they should quit Law School. Quitting can be good if it makes you happy.
    It the why for creating a plan is solely to make money or to look better in someones eyes it is doomed from the start. Their why sucks. LOL. The most motivating why is to create happiness for yourself, providing a healthy environment for your family and helping others. Those whys are very difficult to quit on.
    Re-evaluate your why Bob. It maybe the wrong why. Allow your heart to chose your why. If there is something else you would like to be doing that maybe the better why.
    If a person believes they have the correct why and still find it difficult to continue they should use past success to help motivate them. The should find their tribe to help motivate them and provide the same service to other tribe members in need. When the correct why is found, never take one step backward. Always move forward. Everything is temporary, good times and bad times.

  2. Tony, thanks so much for al the educational information.
    I really like your site and all the information, my problems is not sticking with the plan you have put before me even though I think it is amazing. What would you tell me if I got half way through your list and was to give up? How can I stay focus after getting a good start?

  3. I reall like this post Tony. It is especially relevant to me as a young individual on a journey for success and entrepreneurship. Your site is nicely designed as well ! Great work

    1. Thank you for the kind words Julian. I wish you great success. Stay focused, determined and vigilant along the way.
      Enjoy creating wonderful memories with good friends and family. People are more important than stuff.

  4. Laura White says:

    This is a great post — very empowering and lots of great takeaways. Do you have any advice for what people should do when they get stuck on their journey? I teach others how to program and am continually looking for ways to help people get unstuck rather than mired down in issues. Thanks in advance for any other insights you could add that I can share with my followers.

    1. Thanks for your comment Laura. My advice for anyone that becomes stuck and bogged down on a chosen journey is to remember the why. Remember why they started the journey.
      Remember the benefits and the rewards that come with successful completion of that Journey. That is why I say one should celebrate all progress, large and small.
      Reminiscing about these pass celebrations can be used as fuel and motivation to help carry you through the difficult times along the way. They will begin to look forward to creating more reasons to celebrate and creating even greater memories.