Drip Dry DDC20 Minimalist Cabinet Dish Rack Drying System

dish rack drying system

Dish Rack Drying System


The Minimalist Cabinet Drip Dry DDC20 Dish Rack Drying System Hides clutter. It clears counter space with its Hidden Dish rack/drainer system. The dish rack installs inside the kitchen cabinet built to last a lifetime Capacity to hold 13 lbs (6 Kg). 

This rack serves as a drying rack and dish storage, eliminating the need for conventional drying racks taking up your kitchen’s precious counter space. It’s such a simple and practical design it’s a wonder why it is not a standard feature in all kitchens today.

A company named DripDry is helping all who love a minimalist appearance win the battle of gaining kitchen counter space with the Drip Dry DDC20 dish rack drying system in the cabinet dish drying rack system. This contraption saves counter space, dish towels, time, and a minimalist appearance.

The Drip Dry DDC20 dish rack drying system is constructed of antimicrobial plastic and can be installed into most any framed or frameless cabinets with ease. The whole minimalist assembly slides up and down along stanchions for easier access to dishes. You can purchase the Drip Dry Minimalist Cabinet Dish Rack Drying System for around $119.

Drip Dry is planning a version with a stainless steel frame and a slightly different mechanism, where the top rack will pivot forward and down. The stainless steel model should be out soon. Be assured the current model is very durable and Drip Dry says they have models that have lasted for 50+ years.

Installing The Minimalist Cabinet Dish Rack Drying System




Installing the Drip Dry DDC20 dish rack drying system in your existing cabinet is straightforward. The bottom of the cabinet is not attached or is removed altogether. Alternatively, a frame is cut out from an existing bottom of a cabinet. Drip Dry kits include all parts to mount the system into the cabinet. Adjustable fasteners position the Drip Dry snug into place (as cabinets slightly vary in precise size).

Cabinet dish racks are known as European dish racks as well as Israeli dish racks. They are designed to fit into your kitchen cabinet and provide a perfect dish rack solution for your kitchen that can be hidden at your request. If fitted with your kitchen sink then it can be used as an over the sink dish drainer. Once your dishes are dry, it can be folded back up to slot inside your kitchen cabinet. View our latest dish rack models.


The concept of the Drip Dry DDC20 in a cabinet dish drying rack is nothing new. It has been practiced in Europe and Israel for a long, long time now. Drip Dry is making a valiant attempt to bring this concept to the masses.

Do you hate your countertop dish drying rack? They take up counter space, sink space, and clutter up your kitchen counter space. If you would like to add to your kitchen’s clean minimalist appearance that the countertop dish drying rack detracts from, the Drip Dry DDC20 may be for you. Drip Dry has a better way to dry dishes and maintain a clean, clutter-free appearance.

Easy to install and smooth action in an upper cabinet. Your kitchen is seamless with dishes out of sight. Imagine family and friends smell the aromas of your cooking and see your kitchen is clean.

With a Drip Dry above your sink, your spacious kitchen is a perfect setting to make holidays more festive and enjoyable. A clean kitchen is really a wonderful way to welcome loved ones. [Shop Dish Rack Drying Systems]




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