Everyone Can Have A Money Making Website With Little Efforts

money making website

Money Making Website


Ever dream of owning a Money Making Website? Yes, even you can easily create a Money Making Website. Many of us have social media pages like Facebook and Twitter.

We use them as if they are our very own personal web pages. Some of us even earn money with social media websites. Guess what? Facebook, Twitter, and the like are earning money all of the time because of our activity. They own your social media page whether you earn money with it or not.

Your Own Money Making Website

You spend a lot of time on social media sites. You converse with and gather family, friends, and customers for some. Some of the users have been doing this for years. Most likely the day will come where your favorite social media platform will change it’s policies or even cease to exist. What do you do with the years of work building your community? If you did not have a plan you just lose it.

You need a website that your social media community is aware of, even if it is just a basic resume type site. Employers, friends and new acquaintances will search you online and your own personal website can be a welcome change from your wild Facebook or Twitter page.

When the day comes your favorite social media site falls out of favor you, will have your own personal website for your community to reach you? A constant place where you can converse, where you can direct them to the new great social media platform is located. Remember MySpace? I have been trying out Ello. The ad less social media sites. It may have a bright future.

Create Your Website Now

I personally don’t like to use drag and drop build a website building platforms like Square Space. They look like they work well but I believe you can possibly be put in the same potential problem that social media sites have. They still own the platform and may institute a policy change that puts them out of favor with you also.

I suggest you use the WordPress platform to host your own Web Hosting Company. Yes, that is what I said. Your Own Web Hosting Company! WordPress is widely used and offers probably over free million themes and plug-ins to fit any need.

Resellers Panel offers a free program where you can start your own Web Hosting Company. You set the offerings and you set the prices.  I suggest you use Resellers Panel If you are planning to do any web hosting. It’s a great free program.

Obviously, you will set the lowest possible price for your website. Your new Web Hosting Company will offer one-click WordPress install. This will be very simple and easy to do and you will be on your way.

If you don’t want to run your own free web hosting company please feel free to use mine. It is Borg Web Hosting. Just do the one-click WordPress install and choose from countless WordPress themes to create your site. Here are a few examples to choose from on this WordPress link WordPress Themes.



Create Great Memories With Good Friends and Family

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Making Money With Your Website

Many of us spend a lot of time every day on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter building communities and earning money for those sites. Why not do the same for yourself? Something you own. Just in case those platforms fail or change their business model and leave you out in the cold.

Earning money can be easier than people think. I am not talking about getting rich. It will take a little bit of time but you are most likely online every day doing it on Facebook and Twitter anyway. I believe that EVERYONE can start an income-earning Website, Blog, and affiliate marketing website. We all have an interest that millions in the world share and would like to hear your take on.

It may be a hobby or a professional interest that you can share with the world. You do know stuff other people don’t… things people would pay to know. You might have learned it “on the job” or through your hobby. There’s a good chance that you don’t even realize what you know. It’s often right under your nose. Everyone is an expert on something. Begin your Money Making Website. Let’s Get Started Today!

Once you find that perfect niche for you and create that site with just a few clicks, just direct your social media community daily and advertise your new website. It is very simple. You just share content and write simple blog posts about your chosen niche to get SEO traffic. There are other ways to get traffic but we will just concentrate on social media for now just because many using social media every day anyway.

Oh, I forgot about the making money part. Yes, one of the easiest ways to make money with your website is to offer Affiliate products and services. These are products and services that closely match your chosen website niche. These are other programs, products, and services that pay you a commission on every sale. Why only have one Money Making Website? Create 5, 10, or even 20. You are only limited by your imagination.

You don’t have to push these programs, products, and services on your community or visitors. Just have to display them on your website or write a blog post or two about them. If you have good niche content and traffic you will make sales without even trying to sell. You can turn your blog into a Money Making Website. Let’s Get Started Today!

Depending on your niche you can sell a product or service from your site. You can write a book about your niche and sell it as an ebook. If your chosen niche does not afford you those opportunities at the moment you can always offer affiliate products and services. You Can Still Enjoy Social Media.

Social media is great. Some use it professionally and so should you. Believe it or not but Facebook and Twitter may not be around forever in its present form. There will also be other social media sites to choose from as they come and go.

One day there will be too many social media platforms to keep up with and I predict the personal website will be the new long-lasting platform. You should get a head start and beat the masses to that destination. Set up shop early and earn location independent income in the meantime.



Create Great Memories With Good Friends and Family

Don't work 8 hours for a company then go home and not work on your own dreams. You prove every day you are capable of building dreams ( someone else's ). This powerful free training will help you build your dreams for you and your family.
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