Platform Bed Minimalist Design For Urban Living and A Great Nights Sleep

Minimalist Platform Bed Design

Minimalist Platform Bed Design


You can enjoy lugging around this modern platform bed design as a result of a living condition change. Why continue to move a large, heavy, poorly designed mattress and box spring bed?

The Japanese have solved that problem a long, long time with their traditional Futon Bed design. The western world is slowly catching up with the entry of the modern-day Floyd Platform bed design. This is a perfect design for minimalist space and urban living applications.

With the popularity of foam mattress design and companies like Casper, and Tuft & Needle, modern platform bed design has taken shape. As a Simple Living Minimalist, this is music to my ears.

I like to make maximum use of every inch of small spaces with the least bulk and clutter. Most of all I would like to be able to pack up and move as quickly and easily as possible. This modern platform bed design helps to make all of that possible.


It’s composed of three parts: birch ply panels (with a honeycomb core for strength and lightness), 11-gauge cold-rolled steel supports, and a basic strap to cinch everything together.



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Who Is This Floyd Guy?

As you may have guessed, Floyd ( is not a guy but an innovative company started by Kyle Hoff and Alex O’Dell out of a garage in the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit in October 2013. Also, Floyd produces furniture that is a minimalist, digital nomad, urban and city dwellers dream.

Floyd products are being manufactured in Detroit and Akron Ohio. The company has partnered with local factories to produce their designs, many of them family-owned, multi-generational businesses.

Rethinking cumbersome furniture pieces by making them simple, long-lasting, and ship right to your door is how the company describes itself.  Finally, Floyd produces many well made modern design products that are easily assembled. But we will be focusing on the platform bed design today.


Minimalist Platform Bed Design


Minimalist Platform Bed Design

The Floyd Platform Bed has a simple, unique design. It’s composed of three parts, birch ply panels, 11-gauge cold-rolled steel supports with a durable strap used to create tension and cinch it all together.

The birch ply panels are unique as they are constructed with a honeycomb core for added lightness and strength.


Minimalist Platform Bed Design

The Floyd Platform Bed components are available in black or white. As you can see the steel brackets slide onto the wooden planks. The bed is low to the ground and has a headboard free design.

This is a space-saving design, perfect for the urban dweller and small living spaces.


Minimalist Platform Bed Design

The Floyd Platform Bed Design does not require a box spring, this adds to its charm and minimalist style. This also works well with the new foam designed mattresses you can order online like Casper, and Tuft & Needle, and many others.


This Is The Platform Bed Of The Future


.Minimalist Platform Bed Design

Almost all urban dwellers can understand the frustration that comes with assembling and disassembling bed frames and trying to maneuver them up narrow stairways. Assembling traditional bed frames usually involves messing around with small parts and pages of confusing instructions.

The Floyd Platform bed design avoids that. Its assembly is almost intuitive.


“From the beginning, we wanted to re-think what are typically cumbersome pieces of furniture to make them simple, sustainable and shippable through standard courier,” Floyd’s Lauren Kase says. “As a company, our goal is to be the furniture solution for people living in cities. We believe that good design should be accessible, yet also long-lasting.”


The Floyd Platform Bed is designed to be easy to ship, can be assembled and de-assembled quickly, without tools. This is a big convenience urban dwellers and digital nomads like myself.

Floyd offers an affordable, well-built, simple bed designed that can be shipped to your home within days. Millennials will never have the pleasure of knowing or forgetting how cumbersome a traditional bed was to move, assemble, and re-assemble.

Floyd offers this product for $495 for a full/queen system and a twin is offered at $435. If you have the wooden planks already you are offered the option to order just the supports for $265.



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6 thoughts on “Platform Bed Minimalist Design For Urban Living and A Great Nights Sleep”

  1. What an epic idea! Why didn’t they think of this earlier? Thanks for informing me that Floyd is a company and not a person, lol. Hard to believe that these guys started from their own garage, I guess this is where legends are made! Because there are a lot of people that start projects in their garage and turn out to be millionaires.

    Definitely a great post and an eye-opener.

    Thanks again buddy,

    1. Thanks for the comment Brandon. Don’t tell Mr. Floyd he is not a real person 😉

  2. AvatarAlan O'Neill says:

    Love this. Big fan of minimalist designs that are also functional.

    1. I agree Alan. I would not have a problem moving this bed to a new location.

  3. AvatarA. Campos says:

    Where do I order this item?

    1. Thanks for your comment A. Campos. You can order this Platform Bed at the Floyd website

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