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  1. What an epic idea! Why didn’t they think of this earlier? Thanks for informing me that Floyd is a company and not a person, lol. Hard to believe that these guys started from their own garage, I guess this is where legends are made! Because there are a lot of people that start projects in their garage and turn out to be millionaires.

    Definitely a great post and an eye-opener.

    Thanks again buddy,

    1. Thanks for the comment Brandon. Don’t tell Mr. Floyd he is not a real person 😉

  2. Alan O'Neill says:

    Love this. Big fan of minimalist designs that are also functional.

    1. I agree Alan. I would not have a problem moving this bed to a new location.

  3. A. Campos says:

    Where do I order this item?

    1. Thanks for your comment A. Campos. You can order this Platform Bed at the Floyd website