Google Project Fi A Good Cellular Service For You and The Digital Nomad

Google Project FI and the Digital Nomad

Google Project FI


Will Google Project FI fit the bill for you and the Digital Nomad inside of you? As a work to become Digital Nomad my cell phone has become a very important tool. It’s a camera, a communications device, an entertainment center, and business partner. That makes a cell service provider very important.

You would want a reliable and economical service provider. You may even want a service provider that provides economical international coverage too. I am based in the United States and I would like to have economical international coverage as an option as I plan to need it in my future travels. I am looking forward to becoming Digital Nomad.

What Is Google Project Fi?

Google Project Fi is Google’s new Mobile Virtual Network or an MVNO cellular service. It combines T-Mobile, Sprint, and Free Wi-Fi into one service on the Google Nexus 6 phone. For now Google Project FI is by invitation only. Google says that the service will seek the best cellular signal between T-Mobile and Sprint or use available WiFi service to receive calls, make calls and data usage. Of course, WiFi usage is free so that could cut costs significantly while out and about.

With the combination of T-Mobile and Sprint into one service, the Google Project FI will defiantly provide better coverage nationwide due to the choice of two national providers alone.The built-in T-Mobile international plan and features are always a plus. If you are in an area where T-Mobile has a stronger signal the service will choose that service and vice verse with sprint.

What is not clear to me is the WiFi portion of Google Project FI. I understand that if a strong WiFi signal is available the  Google Project FI service will choose WiFi for phone calls and data. What don’t I understand is if Google has partnered with the likes of Mc Donalds, Starbucks, Shopping Malls, Cable Companies and other providers of free WiFi?

If so will the Google Project FI service seamlessly join these networks to make and receive a phone call and get data? If so that could be a GREAT cost saver. Having to manually check and switch WIFI service could be a pain.


Google Project FI Cost

Google Project FI will cost you $20 a month for the basic service. Your $20 gets you the basic features of a T-Mobile Simple Choice plan: unlimited domestic talk and text, unlimited international texting, and 120 countries of roaming.

After the basic service, data will cost an extra $1O per Gigabit. If you would like 3 Gigs it will cost $30 for that month. If you would like 5 Gigs that will cost you an extra $50 a month and so on.

I have been using a combination of Solavei and Ting to provide my digital communication needs. Solavei offers Unlimited Voice, Text & Data w/ 4GB of 4G LTE Data $49 per month. I often go over the 4GB because I often do not have access to WiFi. When I do go over Solavei will begin to throttle my data speeds down to an almost unusable crawl.

When Solavei throttles my speed down I will usually pop in my Ting SIM. Ting offers to pay only what you use. You pay $6 a month for the device and if you don’t use it that is all you pay. If you know you will not be using the service for a while you can go to your account online and turn it off for no charge. You can turn it back on at any time to resume service.

Ting’s rates can be confusing to explain but are very simple in reality. Ting has prepackaged tiers and you automatically graduate to the next tier as you use the service. You start at $6 a month and the rate will increase as you use the service. Click Here to view Ting’s rates.

Is Google Project FI For You?

Google Project Fi has some strong features. The ability to toggle between T-Mobile and Sprint according to the strongest signal provided. The ability to choose WiFi to place and receive calls and data when it is strong and stable enough. The built-in T-Mobile international plan and features are always a plus.

What may be a downside to many is Google Project FI only works with Nexus 6, Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X phones. If you don’t have one of these phones you will need to get one to use the service. They are good phones but not very popular. These phones will support the special SIM that allows the service to operate.

Is the Google Project FI for you? Is this the future of digital communications? Will other providers develop a similar service? Will the Google Project FI drive down cost?


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