Take Two Aspirin To Heal A Broken Heart and Get On With Life

Heal A Broken Heart

Heal A Broken Heart


It would be nice to have the ability to quickly heal a broken heart. How would you heal a broken heart? The pain of a broken heart is something you may not even wish on your worst enemy. The remedy to heal a broken heart may be simpler than you think.

Something you never thought would be possible. Love is a very powerful emotion and can be the cause of irrational behavior.

The simplest way to heal a broken heart may be something most have never thought would be possible. Romantic love is very powerful and can be the source of immense joy, pleasure, and satisfaction.

The flip side can represent a broken heart, immense emotional pain, and irrational behavior.

The effects of a broken heart can be serious and very real. The quicker a person can recover from the experience the better. Aside from the emotional effects, there are very real physical effects.

The “8 Scientific Effects Heartbreak Has On The Body” details some of the devastating physical effects one can experience.

Terms like “Crimes of passion” are serious and very real. Love and emotional rejection are often the cause of violent crimes and suicides in extreme cases. An effective way to heal a broken heart would add value to a person’s well-being and save lives.

Terms like “Crimes of passion” are serious and very real. Love and emotional rejection are often the cause of violent crimes, physical attacks, emotional attacks, and suicides in extreme cases.

An effective way to heal a broken, lessen romantic pain, and feel better would add to the quality for most of us.






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Just last night I witnessed a young man trying to prevent his pregnant girlfriend from running into oncoming traffic to end the pain of romantic love. Or to punish him, I’m not sure.

The very loud argument and the physical display were interesting.

In my quest to live a more minimal lifestyle I had to get rid of a lot of excess junk. Most physical stuff and some people. I was thinking of this as I watched this spectacle. It’s great living with and managing only the things that are essential in your life.

We all have experienced heartache and irrational behavior but I hope not to that extreme. Would you believe a few aspirins can be effectively putting you on the path to heal a broken heart?

Simple Aspirin Can Heal A Broken Heart

Most of us would seek a good friend’s ear to begin the process to heal a broken heart. If that person said, “Take two aspirins and call me in the morning”. There may be a second failed relationship to heal from. LOL.

But the aspirin thing may not be bad advice. Research shows that we experience romantic pain and rejection in the same way we experience physical pain.

That is why when we think about a failed romantic interest, hear a certain song or see a picture we can feel romantic pain all over again.

Brain scans show the pain of romantic rejection is processed in the same area of the brain as physical pain, in the anterior cingulate cortex.

Research subjects given a simple non-prescription Tylenol ( an American brand of drugs containing paracetamo) handled feelings of romantic rejection much better than those given placebo.


“Studies found those who took 1,000mg of the painkiller, or around two tablets, showed a ‘significant reduction in hurt feelings’ compared to those taking the placebo” – Daily Mail



The studies seem to show that taking aspirin to heal a broken heart is the same as taking aspirin to relieve the pain of a headache.



Dr Naomi Eisenberger, an assistant professor of social psychology, said: ‘Rejection is such a powerful experience for people. If you ask people to think back about some of their earliest negative experiences, they will often be about rejection, about being picked last for a team or left out of some social group.



These studies always stress emotional pain will take time to overcome and not to adopt the use of painkillers to lessen the pain of a traumatic experience. If a person is having a particularly difficult time they should seek professional help.

There is no doubt about it. Aspirin helps relieve romantic pain in the short term. Even better than bottles of your favorite alcoholic beverage. LOL.

The next time your relationship takes a turn for the worst and ends up in the dumpster. Take two aspirin and call a friend in the morning. Aspirin just may heal a broken heart.




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  1. AvatarRawan Hajjar says:

    Thanks for your useful article, I never thought that 2 aspirins would make a heartbroken one feeling better, and never thought that emotional pain is similar to physical one in our minds, this post has added a new info to me.
    I enjoyed reading it 🙂

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