Is Herbalife Nutrition A Good Location Independent Income Opportunity?

Earn Location Independent Income Herbalife Nutrition

Herbalife Nutrition


Herbalife Nutrition has long been a popular business opportunity. In this review, I will not only give my expert honest opinion about this business opportunity, more importantly, but I will also determine if Herbalife Nutrition is a good Location Independent Business opportunity.

Herbal Nutrition

Name: Herbalife
Price: Product prices vary depending on the products and distributors
Owners: Mark R. Hughes
Overall Rank: 4
Recommended: No

Who Is Herbalife Nutrition?

A leader in the Health, Wellness and nutritional products space. Herbalife Nutrition was established by Mark Hughes in 1980 with the mission of changing individuals’ lives by offering nutrition products, dietary supplements, education through a network of Independent Distributors.

Herbalife Nutrition is a top Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) company with independent distributors all around the world and claims to provide global solutions to the growing problems of obesity, poor nutrition, growing health care costs.

As one of the largest producers of MLM Health produces over 8 billion dollars in revenue across 91 countries. They also support their social responsibility aimed to provide malnourished children with good nutrition around the world. through Herbalife Family Foundation and Casa Herbalife.

Herbalife Nutrition has been riding the wave of growing interest in health and wellness for decades. Herbalife nutritional products are not sold in-store but sold through independent distributors and members.

Becoming An Herbalife Distributor

To become a Herbalife distributor, you must sign up under an existing you an initial start-up fee of $90.95. Herbalife Nutrition Independent Distributor one will be provided to you if you do not have one.

All fees, taxes, shipping, and cost of unopened products purchased in the previous 12 months will be returned if Distributorship is canceled for any reason.



How Herbalife Distributors Make Money

I am not a fan of MLM businesses but you know the routine. You will need to sell products and recruit other Independent Distributors to make money with Herbalife Nutrition.

Can you earn Location Independent Income with Herbalife Nutrition? The only way I can see to earn Location Independent Income with Herbalife Nutrition is to recruit other Independent Distributors online or create an e-commerce website to sell products.

Creating an eCommerce website can be expensive, time-consuming and will offer very slim profit margins. I believe purchasing products at a 25% discount and shipping them out to your customers around the world will quickly become unsustainable.

Even the Herbalife Nutrition website states, it is not recommended to run a Herbalife Nutrition business by recruiting other Independent Distributors alone. They suggest EVERYONE buy and sell products in conjunction with recruiting other Independent Distributors to be successful.

There are two ways to earn money on Herbalife. They are through direct sales and recruiting. Herbalife Nutrition uses the basic Multi-Level-Marketing compensation structure.

In my expert opinion that is the first thing, a new Independent Distributor needs to know. I believe the second thing the new Independent Distributors need to quickly understand is they need to be proficient at both.

The greatest compensation plan will do you no good if you can not sell the products and recruit other Independent Distributors. I suggest anyone starting any program like Herbalife Nutrition to follow the training provided and concentrate on getting your first sales.

Don’t worry about the compensation plan so much in the beginning. Learn more about selling, recruiting and follow them just in the time learning process when it comes to the compensation plan.

Who Are Herbalife Nutrition Products For?

Unfortunately, Herbalife Nutrition products do not stand out in the crowded health and wellness space. Herbalife Nutrition’s stated their primary goal is to help people manage their overall health with good daily nutrition with their products.

You will find information pros and cons of all leading companies today’s health and wellness space. As a result, you will find all types of claims regarding their products, From products performing poorly to products over performing as advertised and everything in between.

Those types of complaints and praise are normal for the nutritional supplement community. Pay special attention when complaints become chronic about any particular company.

Herbalife Nutrition dose well and has grown to a multi-billion dollar health, wellness and nutritional supplements company over the decades. People seem to believe in this company, its products, and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Herbalife promotes and sells health and nutrition products including:

  • Dietary supplements’
  • Weight-loss supplements’
  • Energy drinks
  • Multivitamins
  • Nutritional Shakes
  • Protein shakes

Herbalife Nutrition believes they have something for you if you are interested in health and wellness and they believe they have even more if you have an entrepreneurial spirit and would like to partner with them.

What I Like About Herbalife Nutrition

I have to be careful because I admit I am a sucker for Health and Wellness business opportunities. I believe they are inspirational and believe they cannot fail.

With that said I have learned to recognize my bias and to look at these types of opportunities through the lens of reality. Here is what I like about the Herbalife business opportunity:

  • I love Health and Wellness Opportunities.
  • Commitment to Social responsibility.
  • Strong Marketing and Partnerships.
  • Great variety of products.
  • Training Programs to Help You Start and Grow Your Own Business.
  • A global reach.
  • Products that offer something for everyone.
  • Actively police rouge Independent Distributor abuse.

What I Do Not Like About Herbalife Nutrition

Considering the fact that I have a big problem with Multi-Level-Marketing businesses here is what I do not like about Herbalife Nutrition.

  • The high cost of the products (Customer).
  • The upfront cost of purchasing and storing products (Distributor).
  • Direct selling (I hate it).
  • Rouge Independent Distributors. (Lies and False promises).
  • Stalking strangers, friends, and family. (Typical for MLM businesses).


As you can probably already tell Herbalife is not a good Location Independent Income option, not only because their products are not considered any better than their competitors but there is almost no ability to operate the business location independent.

As result you almost always need to physically engage people in order to sell their products or recruit them in order to earn an income. You can try to use social media but I believe it would be very difficult.

Even if you found a way to be successful in selling and recruiting online there still is the problem of fulfillment. How do you accept payment and deliver the products?

You would have to incur the expense ( and /or develop the expertise) of building an eCommerce website. That could be done with a lot of time, expense and maintenance but there lays and even a more pressing obstacle.

The profit margins are too small for products your customers easily get in almost every community on earth. Yeah! No matter how many Herbalife Success stories you come across I believe a business is not a good business to get involved with unless you can operate it Location Independent.

Herbalife Nutrition fails in that regard but there is a better way.  You can start your very own Location Independent Business promoting products that you choose yourself. Check out my #1 recommended way to create a Lifestyle Business. You’ll get free training, hosting, plenty of free tools and great resources.

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