Is Dumpster Diving for Dinner Better Than Eating Fast Food?

dumpster diving

Dumpster Diving


As I am changing my lifestyle to live better with less I now have to ask myself a question. Is Dumpster Diving for Dinner Better Than Eating Fast Food? The reason why I ask, I work as a Field Service Engineer in the New York City area.

In the past year, something so simple as carrying water with me and not buying, drinking Soda or Snapple with my meals has had a great effect on my weight and health.

I made the change simply to save money and I received even greater benefits. The world seems to agree that almost all fast food is not healthy and from what I can see food carts and other places use cheap processed ingredients that are not healthy either.

What I have been finding out about Freeganism is that food stores throw away perfectly good produce for cosmetic reasons and sell-by dates.

Ironically these fruits and vegetables are what people need and are not eating. I cringe when I am at a fast food place or a Chinese restaurant and I hear someone say no vegetables, please. What no vegetables? From what I can see Dumpster Diving for dinner may be more healthy than what many people pay for.

I have not dumpster dived yet but I have participated in gathering food found in trash bags on the streets and I was amazed. Now when I passed the fruit and vegetable carts in NYC I wonder if some of that is Freegan food found in trash bags on the streets?

What would be the difference it the vegetable cart vendor made a deal with the local Whole Foods manager to buy the produce at half price at the end of the day before he throws it out or waits for him to throw it out and picks it up minutes later on the street?

For some reason, I seem to have a problem with the latter deep down inside but I don’t know why. LOL. I know for a fact if I had an excess of low cost or free fruits and vegetables I would eat much more of it.

When a Freegan comes across free fruits and vegetables they feel obligated to make good use of it either by preparing it for themselves or others or by donating or giving it away.

Either way, you look at it I believe Dumpster Diving for Dinner is Better Than (more nutritional) Eating Fast Food.

Dumpster Diving for Dinner?






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