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Now it is finally time to build your first website. This will not take long at all, believe me.

To build your website simply click the link below and watch the video by Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate. He will walk you through every step and show you what to do.


It is FREE to create the website! So, don’t worry. It takes 2 minutes.


Two Important Notes Before Watching This Video

  1. Don’t worry about choosing the “perfect niche” – this is just a starter website. Your niche is very likely to change once you have got to grips with how to build and set up your website.
  2. Don’t worry about the domain name yet. This video is simply setting up the basic settings on your website. The domain name comes later when you buy a real .com domain. For now, just use a SiteRubix domain name as a placeholder.


profitable website


Once you have finished your website build it is time to set the website up and get it ready for you to start adding content! Are you ready?


profitable website


At this point, if you are thinking…


“Wtf! I have no idea what I am doing here!?”


There is no need to worry about this now. You will get to grips with it because Wealthy Affiliate is THE most comprehensive community online for creating blogs and as you complete your training it will become second nature, even if you have no experience. Trust me.

Now that your website is set up it is time to get it ready for SEO. After all, this is what will help you increase your search engine ranking – which in turn – will lead to increased traffic and revenue.

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profitable website profitable website


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