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  1. This is a great post. So many people, including myself, trades their clear spaces for things they really don’t need. Making a habit to clean closets every 6 months and staying away from impulsive shopping are very important for me. I practice to ask myself when i plan for shopping: is this thing really necessary to buy or you can use something you’ve already have in your place? Is it really necessary to have or may be it’s not? The answers are NO in 85%. it’s also helpful for me to have a shopping list and check with it, while shopping. It helps me, hopefully it will help other people. Thank you!

  2. Thanks, Peter. Backpacking the world is a dream of mine also. The world is a bit too crazy for me now. Maybe one day. The United States is a big country and I decided to start there. I am going to start with the beautiful National Parks before they go away.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Great Advice, Tony.

    I’m a pack rat who still wears clothes I bought in the 80s, so I’m sure I should take your advice. No two ways about it, I’ve been happier when I’ve decluttered my desk or cleaned a closet.

    It is very uplifting to live in a neat space.

    Thanks for these insights,


    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. If you are still wearing the clothes from the 80’s you are doing well. The problem is the items that are not being used and enjoyed. For me cleared counters, tabletops and floor spaces is calming for me. I believe it lowers my heart rate. Can that happen? LOL

  4. Hey Tony W. Amazing amazing. This kind of article are so useful in nowadays, we are consumed by a stressful life and lot of desires. Sometimes we just need to let go and live in the moment. Money is not everything, health, family, peaceful life and enough money to survive are for me the most important things and sometimes the most affordable, but we always want more and more money, fame and when we fall down and lose everything, we also lose our health and friends and sometimes it’s too late.
    Do you meditate ?
    Have an awesome day


    1. Thanks, David. I have been experimenting with Meditation with some success. I am getting better.