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Hunt Your destiny! It’s better to be the Lone Wolf walking in the RIGHT direction than follow the herd in the WRONG direction. Lead The Pack! Live and grow to your greatest potential.


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My step by step guide that will illuminate the path to using Minimalist Living Ideas to be FREE and Funding The Freedom Lifestyle. It covers Minimalism, De-cluttering, debt relief, online business and ways to live better. Also, receive my free gift.

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Here’s a collection of blog posts I think are great for those just starting and many others! Just click the titles of anything you find interesting.


  1. Am I A Minimalist? I Downsized, Edited, Decluttered, Now What?

  2. Common Mistakes Beginning Minimalist Make and Delay Joy

  3. Why You Should Simplify Your Life With a Minimalist Uniform Wardrobe

  4. 10 Minimalist Lifestyle Tips and Enjoying Life More

  5. Dry Fasting: The AMAZING Health Benefits Everyone Should Know About

  6. How To Fall Asleep Instantly Following These Simple Tips

  7. Guerrilla Gardening Movement: Freecycle, and Swap Till You Live For Free


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