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Thank for your interest. I would like to take this time to show you around this site. I like to explore ways we can live better and more simple. This site is filled with interesting ideas about how we can achieve that.

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My step by step guide that will illuminate the path to living the Minimalist Lifestyle and Funding The Freedom Lifestyle. It covers Minimalism, De-cluttering, debt relief, online business and ways to live better. Also, receive my free gift.

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Here’s a collection of blog posts I think are great for those just starting and many others! Just click the titles of anything you find interesting.


  1. Am I A Minimalist? I Downsized, Edited, Decluttered, Now What?

  2. Common Mistakes Beginning Minimalist Make and Delay Joy

  3. Why You Should Simplify Your Life With a Minimalist Uniform Wardrobe

  4. 10 Minimalist Lifestyle Tips and Enjoying Life More

  5. How To Fall Asleep Instantly Following These Simple Tips


Why Everyone Should Start A Profitable Blog

I believe owning a website is the simplest way to earn Location Independent Income that over time will allow you more time to enjoy the most important things in your life and design a freedom lifestyle.

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This 10-day Easy Online Income email course will teach you how to create that needed foundation to begin earning passive income online. Don’t worry you can do it. Beginners are more than welcome.

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Urban Living Products to help simplify your life.

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