The Many Benefits of a Minimalist Small Home Design

small home design

Minimalist Small Home Design


There are many benefits of a minimalist small home design. While moving towards living more with less I would like to dream of living in a smaller house. I would like to have small rooms with no clutter. It would be nice to own a  closet with few articles of clothing inside and clutter free.

Close your eyes and picture that. Just imagine how much time could be saved getting dressed in the morning. Everything visible for quick decisions to be made.

There would be a kitchen with everything in its own place. It would have a clutter-free airy feeling overlooking a well-manicured clutter free backyard. I would like this living space because I hate cleaning and the work involved in maintaining things a large cluttered space.

As I close my eyes and dream of becoming an expert Minimalist and live in a clutter-free Zen-like living space. I know, many people believe this small home design may not support family visiting and it they did they would not be able to stay comfortably.





People may ask if life in a minimalist small home design will prevent the family moments they have come to enjoy? Also, Will family and friends love to visit their minimalist small home design?

I would love to live in a small home design. A living space that is easy to clean and very economical to cool and heat. But what will I have to give up to do it? The ironic thing I have found on my journey towards a simple living free lifestyle is I spend less time at home.

Sometimes I wonder if others will find similar results?

I am enjoying the outdoors more and spend more time volunteering and being more charitable. I guess this also contributes to me enjoying the minimalist small home design more.

Now I will continue to move towards living more simply because it just feels right. Less stress, fewer worries, less clutter and less maintenance of stuff.

These are the obvious benefit of living in a minimalist small home design. Did I miss anything? What do you think?



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