Live in a Large or Small Home?

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small home

While moving towards living more with less I would like to dream of living in a small house. I would like to have small rooms with no clutter. It would be nice to have a closet with a few articles of clothing and clutter free.

I would like a kitchen with everything in its own place. To have a clutter free airy feeling overlooking a well-manicured clutter free back yard. I would like this living space because I hate cleaning and the word involved with maintaining things.

small home

As I close my eyes and dream of the day I will be an expert minimalist for me and live in a clutter free Zen-like living space. The problem comes in when I think of the possibility of this lifestyle that may not support family visiting and be able to stay comfortably.

Will live in a small minimalist Zen-like space prevent the family moments I have come to enjoy? Also, Will family and friends love to visit my minimalist Zen space.  Or reject it because it is free of the clutter of excess? Will I notice friends and family begin to invite me out more.  Instead of visiting and sharing those close loving moments I love?

I would love to live in a small clutter free Zen-like space. A living space that is easy to clean and very economical to cool and heat but what will I have to give up to do it? The ironic thing I have found on my journey towards a simple minimalist excess free lifestyle is that I spend less time at home.

I am enjoying the outdoors more and spend more time volunteering and being more charitable. I guess this also contributes to me enjoying my living space more.

small home

I will continue to more towards living more simply because it just feels right? Less stress, fewer worries, less clutter and less maintenance of stuff. I will continue moving forward and hopefully, the question will be answered. Will living in a large or small home better for me?

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