How to Live on Practically Nothing and Still Manage To Be Happy

Live on Practically Nothing

Live on Practically Nothing


Live on Practically Nothing and still manage to be happy. I have found that living a minimalist lifestyle has not only been more healthy but also very economical. The fact that I always carry my own water and almost never buy drinks during the day. I mostly take public transportation and walk has done wonders for my health and bank account.

Here we will discuss living more economically. There are good ideas in the video but I noticed some of the ideas many will have a knee-jerk negative reaction to.

Why is that? Are we culturally predisposed to be consumers? If so how did that happen? Is it by design and if so by whom? I believe we are culturally predisposed to consume. I also believe it is by design by corporations at the least and governments at worst.

Look at the average calendar and you will see it speckled with days we are ordered to consume. This time of the year if you just step back and unplug from the Matrix it will become crystal clear how crazy it is and how programmed we are. It’s a GREAT hustle and whoever designed it is reaping the profits for themselves and many of their associates.

Ironically the top 1% of families in America that benefit from this type of programmed behavior do not participate in it. I found that true of doctors. I recently did research that confirms that terminally ill doctors do not follow the advice they give their terminally ill patients. They don’t take the medication they prescribe to those patients.

They don’t drag out life to the last seconds and they do not go into to debt trying to live a few weeks longer as they advise those patients. Stay tuned for that post. Again the book below has some great advice on How to Live on Practically Nothing.


Live on Practically Nothing



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