Cheap Frugal Living Simple Until You Are Free From Worry

Cheap Frugal Living

Cheap Frugal Living


I believe there is a big difference between Minimalism Lifestyle and frugal living. Minimalism is a philosophy and frugality is a series of acts but they can work hand in hand with Minimalism.

Here are some examples of what I believe are the differences between minimalism and cheap frugal living.

You can practice minimalism in your multi-million dollar home with simple, functional, and essential belongings and still practice Minimalism.

You can also have a frugal consumerist that shops everyday catching sales and using coupons believing they are being frugal saving money.

The conflicting consequences in those examples are Minimalist may not have been frugal in the conscious spending and the frugal person may end up with a lot of junk and clutter at a good price.

Minimalism and being frugal can work together if there is a complementary balance.


Minimalism and Cheap Frugal Living Working Together

Minimalist, in my opinion, lives with most things that are necessary. Everything in a Minimalist life will have a purpose and add value. There will be minimal excess, redundancy, or clutter.

Minimalist is more concerned with enjoying life and not spending the access time to accumulate useless, redundant possessions. In my definition of a minimalist being frugal can play a big role.

Being frugal compliments minimalism by being a guide to getting good value for your money and being rational about purchases. Many believe being a frugal main principal is getting value for your money, saving money.

Getting a good deal has value but the power of being frugal that compliments minimalist are being rational about purchases. Me being a Living Simple Minimalist before I make a purchase I ask myself a few questions.


  1. Do I need it and do I need to buy it now?
  2. Can something else I own serve the same purpose?
  3. Will it be better to borrow or rent it?
  4. Where will I put it or store it?
  5. Will it bring joy and value to my life?



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For me, it is never about price. It goes without saying you should only purchase what you can afford, with that said if what you would like to purchase can pass those 5 questions then you should buy it.

Never let a sale influence your decision. The act of asking myself those questions before making a purchase may seem like being frugal on steroids but the philosophy is what the Living Simple Minimalist principle looks like at its best.






Frugal Living Until You Are Free

In the Living Simple Minimalist perfect world, there would be no need for being frugal. Remember my definition of a Minimalist?



“A Minimalist in my opinion lives with mostly things that are necessary. Everything in a Minimalist life will have purpose and add value. There will be minimal excess, redundancy or clutter”


Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world, and much minimalist need help and sometimes the philosophy of minimalism can benefit from the act of cheap frugal living.


  1. Live Within Your Means
  2. Take Calculated Risks
  3. Spend Smart
  4. Invest in Yourself
  5. Give Back


Simplify your life for a simpler living. What we would like to do here is edit and declutter your life so that you don’t need as much time and money to support your current lifestyle.

Living the minimalist lifestyle would definitely help you along the way.

You will be happier and feel less stressed as you focus on limiting your possessions, increasing experiences to what is really important and what adds value to your life. Good friends and family are high on that list.

The Joy of Minimalism at Home” speaks, even more, to get your home and living space in order.

Over time as you apply the living Simple Minimalist Lifestyle and frugal living steps when the smoke clears you will be free. Freedom means different things to different people.

Needing to work less and spending more time increasing great experiences with good friends and family is a form of freedom for many.

Being healthier and have less stress is a form of freedom also. These are just some of the benefits that I and I am sure you could achieve by “Living Simple Cheap Frugal Living Until You Are Free.




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