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  1. Hi Tony, you’ve a nice job here.
    When I started reading your post, I didn’t really know what to expect, but I certainly ended with the challenge of sitting down, having a reassesment and doing more while focusing on little.
    That’s such a great advice. Thank you for sharing as I hope it’ll bless many more lives.

    1. Thanks. Yeah, committing a simple plan to memory will have you cruising on autopilot in no time.

  2. Andreas S says:

    Great advice! Right now I have too much on my mind and to many projects. I need to prioritize and plan better. Cut the things that are no fun and do rewarding stuff instead. Life is to short to be bored. 🙂 Andreas

    1. Focusing on the essential and taking time to make great memories with good friends and family is key.

  3. Donna Whitehead says:

    Having time alone to let my mind wonder & just be i snot only what helps keep me from being crabby, it also is a source for ideas for me. I also found that getting ridding of clutter, or just generally getting rid of things I haven’t had anything to do with in a long time, letting them go & getting rid of them…WOW! What a great feeling!! and’s just the beginning!

    1. I agree Donna. Alone time can be quality time. Less clutter means less things and surface to get dirty and clean. Less time cleaning is a gift worth receiving. Relaxing in a newly cleaned house is a great feeling.