Living Simple Ideas: Make Mason Jar Salad For a Quick, Healthy Meal

Make Mason Jar Salad

Make Mason Jar Salad


Make Mason Jar Salad? One of the best living simple ideas is to cook and prepare your own foods. It saves money and it is healthier for you. Taking the time to make Mason Jar Salad adds saving time to the list of benefits of cooking and preparing your own meals.

Preparing two or three of these healthy, leafy green, never-ending combinations of culinary goodness is easier than you think.

Your masterpiece can stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to 5 days waiting for you to enjoy it. How convenient is that? No problems wondering what to cook when you get home late.

No making bad food choices or going off of your diet because better choices are not easily available. Just get the Mason Jar Salad out of the fridge and you are good to go. All of those problems are solved when you decide to make mason jar salad.

What Is a Mason Jar Salad

Maybe you have seen the beautiful pictures of works of art. Mason jars with colorful layers of vegetables, grains, and or fruits with salad dressing or toppings at the bottom. Some are made with a variety of proteins.

These are Mason Jar Salad. They are mainly consumed at lunch but they can be eaten as a healthy snack or any mealtime.

People make Mason Jar Salad ahead of time as a convenience. It is a way of having healthy delicious meals available to go at any time. This also helps in weight control to Make Mason Jar Salad available as opposed to grabbing a quick fast food meal. Mason Jar Salad is becoming more and more popular for its health benefits and convenience and fits perfectly with my minimalist lifestyle.

We will look at the Mason Jar Salad in its many varieties. We will look at the construction and the leafy, savory, sweet, and any other possible combination. There are endless possibilities running through my mind now. What about you?

What do you think would be a delicious combination to make Mason Jar Salad?

How long will it last in the fridge?

Seal the Mason Jar lid tight and the salad will last about 5 days in the fridge. Be careful with perishable proteins, like fish, eggs, avocados, tomatoes or chicken breast. Depending on how long you will be storing them in the fridge you may want to add them the day before to ensure freshness.

A vacuum sealer is also an option. Vacuum sealing the Mason Jar Salad right after assembly will help to keep everything green, fresh and crisp much longer. This may be time-consuming and unnecessary if you are just going to be storing your creation for just a day or so. You be the judge.

Make Mason Jar Salad Great

The dressing goes in first. Duh! This goes without saying but some may miss the logic here. The dressing at the bottom of the Mason Jar Salad will prevent the other dryer ingredients from becoming soggy.

Choose great grains and or proteins. The chunkier the better. This will create a barrier above the dressing to protect your more delicate ingredients that lay on top of getting wet and soggy.

Add your fixings. Be creative. These are the ingredients that you want to remain dry until ready to eat. The layer at will.

Leafy greens go in last. You may not have leafy greens some of the times but if you do they go in last. The magic of this is when you empty the ingredients on a plate to consume the leafy greens will create a salad bed and the dressing will be on top ready to coat. Simple but magic before your eyes.



Assembling Your Mason Jar Salad


Make Mason Jar Salad



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  • The dressing: Pour your favorite salad dressing in the bottom of the jar. Adjust the amount of dressing depending on your personal preference.
  • Hard vegetables: Add any hard chopped vegetables that you would like to include in your salad to create a layer of the dressing. Again anything you choose is fine.
  • Beans, grains, pasta: Add any beans, grains, and/or pasta. I like chickpeas, black beans, cooked barley, and cooked rice. Pick and choose to taste and create layers.
  • Cheese and proteins:  This is optional. If you’ll be eating the salad within the day or so add your favorite proteins. If you are going to be storing it longer add proteins the day before.
  • Soft vegetables and fruits: This is optional also depending on the taste you are looking to create.
  • Nuts, seeds, and lighter grains: These create a great barrier between wetter and drier ingredients. Create this layer wisely if a dry barrier would be helpful.
  • Salad greens: The magic layer. Fill the rest of the mason jar with tightly packed greens. The magic is this will become the base of your delectable creation when it is time for the meal.
  • Storing: Screw the lid on tightly and store it in the fridge for up to 5 days depending on the ingredients.
  • Eating the salad: Unscrew the lid and dump the salad onto a plate. The layers will unfold and the dressing should be oozing on the top. Lightly toss with your fork if needed.
  • The Clean-Up: This is the beauty of it all. Just wash and repeat 😉
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4 thoughts on “Living Simple Ideas: Make Mason Jar Salad For a Quick, Healthy Meal”

  1. AvatarDonna Whitehead says:

    LOVE this idea,just not for me, I hate rabbit food!! haha But this would be great for my daughter. And I would be the dufus that would just throw the stuff in a jar & not think twice that it would be upside & soggy when it came out, since I wouldn’t be eating any of this in the first place. Thanks to you I make this a pretty nice surprise lunch for my Princess!! THANKS!!! oh I really like the fork tied on the jar too!!!

    1. Donna, you should give it a try. A jar full of meat and gravy may work. LOL. I can think of a bunch of one plate meals you can try. Then there is the re-heating thing. The whole idea was to save time. Well I guess you are correct and this is not for you 😉

  2. I with no doubt enjoyed this read. Loved it! Now I want to make me some Mason Jar Salads man. Ha.

    1. Happy you enjoyed it. I you come up with some creative recipes come back and share.

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