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  1. Donna Whitehead says:

    LOVE this idea,just not for me, I hate rabbit food!! haha But this would be great for my daughter. And I would be the dufus that would just throw the stuff in a jar & not think twice that it would be upside & soggy when it came out, since I wouldn’t be eating any of this in the first place. Thanks to you I make this a pretty nice surprise lunch for my Princess!! THANKS!!! oh I really like the fork tied on the jar too!!!

    1. Donna, you should give it a try. A jar full of meat and gravy may work. LOL. I can think of a bunch of one plate meals you can try. Then there is the re-heating thing. The whole idea was to save time. Well I guess you are correct and this is not for you 😉

  2. I with no doubt enjoyed this read. Loved it! Now I want to make me some Mason Jar Salads man. Ha.

    1. Happy you enjoyed it. I you come up with some creative recipes come back and share.