How To Make People Care About Important Stuff

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care about important stuff

Care About Important Stuff


Learn to care about care about important stuff. Comedian Lee Camp produced some amazing numbers about the problems of the world and the EASY solutions to correct them. These problems include poverty, war, homelessness, and hunger.

In the video below will you see a special report with Governor Harman as she is just about to suggest that the United States should get rid of The NSA spy program. Just then she is interrupted with very important Breaking News. JUSTIN BIEBER WAS JUST ARRESTED! That is breaking news for America JUSTIN BIEBER WAS JUST ARRESTED! That is breaking news for America nowadays.

How did the American people become so dumbed down? The powers that be do not even respect them enough anymore and just rob and steal from them without even the cover of the most simple lie. Lee Camp has found an ingenious way to present the staggering problems and solutions to poverty, war, homelessness, and hunger in a way we all can understand.

Even better is the solution to most of the worlds problems are so obvious. I would say it is obvious to 98% of the world but not to the other 2%. View the response of the other 2% when the simple solution is presented to them below. I feel the response is illogical and psychopathic. They see hoarding, running and hiding as the solution. Please view and tell me what you think.


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