• Tony W started the topic Learn How To Enjoy Buying More Free Time For Yourself in the forum Minimalist Living 2 years, 3 months ago

    When I say buy more free time for yourself, what do I mean? We all know hiring someone to complete a task we do not enjoy doing also saves us time. Many of us pay people to clean our homes, mow our lawns and even cook our meals.

    That is not exactly what I am talking about when I say learn how to be happy buying more free time for yourself. We usually pay people to complete the task for us out of poor desperation to escape the growing time pressures of modern life, not to create more time for ourselves to be happier.

    Paying people to do a certain task sometimes causes guilty feeling or thought of being perceived as lazy. Why? Let’s talk about buying free time for yourself for the sole purpose of making yourself happier. We will creaye a guilty free happiness zone. More . . .

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