Minimalist Living Kitchen Tips To Help Begin Eating Healthier

Begin Eating Healthier

Begin Eating Healthier


Believe it or not, there are Minimalist Living kitchen tips that will help you to begin eating healthier. When you think of a minimalist Living Kitchen you picture a de-cluttered kitchen with cleared counters.

That is what the typical minimalist kitchen looks like but it can also be functional. That is the minimalist philosophy, “less is more”. I nice modern looking, clutter feed kitchen that is easy to clean can also help you begin eating healthier.

Why you may ask? Because you really would like to begin eating healthier you just need a subconscious push in the right direction.


Minimalist Living Kitchen Tips

I find the major benefit of living a Minimalist Lifestyle is there is almost nothing in my life that does not serve a positive purpose. This includes the kitchen. Allow me to share my Minimalist Living kitchen tips that will help you begin eating healthier.


1. Healthier Foods At Eye Level.

Make healthier choices the first thing you see when searching for something to eat in your kitchen. As a Minimalist with a decluttered kitchen, my countertops are usually cleared and bare of clutter.

As a result, I go out of my way to place healthier foods at eye level. Easily accessible, not bending, reaching, or searching required. When I am hungry I am more likely to settle for the first thing see or can place my hands on.

Why not make it a healthier choice?






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2. Keep Healthier Foods At The Ready.

I like to keep a fruit basket or a variety of healthy nuts in a basket near the refrigerator or on the dining room table. We are usually not picky when seeking a quick snack and will gladly choose these healthier choices when they are readily available.

You can even go a little further by packaging up sliced fruit and vegetables in small plastic bags, placing them in the refrigerator as a quick healthier choice. Packaging a few bags of assorted nuts would be great also.


3. Hide The Larger Plates.

My favorite Chinese Restaurant began using this trick and I admit I did not enjoy it much. LOL. It’s a proven fact you will eat almost everything on your plate.

Larger plates yield larger portions. Smaller plates yield smaller portions. This is commonly known as portion control and usually includes bowls and cups.

Even if you eat healthy smaller portions are usually better for you because Americans “Super Size” everything. LOL. Too much of a good thing can be bad for you.


4. Hide Unhealthy Foods.

Hide junk foods and less healthy foods in the back of higher cabinets, the back of the refrigerator and away from countertops. Whenever possible store them in non-clear containers.

Out of sight, out of mind.


5. Use Whole Grain Flour.

Whole grain flour choices are more nutritious than regular white flour. I know baking is a science so start off by substituting half of the white flour with whole-grain until you get the hang of things.

This will prove to be a great hack to help you enjoy your not guilt-free healthier baked masterpieces.


6. Use Your Kitchen Tools.

There is nothing more healthy than preparing your own meals using raw foods, non-processed foods, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Use your kitchen tools to increase the frequency of you preparing these meals.

I love using my Nu-Wave Oven, Vitamixer, and Instant Pot to prepare healthy nutritious meals. Having them at the ready inspires me to prepare these meals more often.



When given a choice we all would like to live better and eat healthier. Why not give yourself a subconscious advantage? These were my Minimalist Living Kitchen tips to begin to help you begin eating healthier.

Tell me what you think. Did I miss anything? Do you have any kitchen tips that help you eat healthier? Please leave them in the comments below.




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