Minimalist Principles A Philosophy for Enjoying Life Less Complicated

Minimalist Principles

Minimalist Principles


Minimalist Principals are not about getting rid of everything and emptying a person’s life of possession. Minimalist Principals are about filling a person’s life with joy and purposeful things. With everything that makes the person happy and getting rid of the rest whenever possible.

Minimalist Principals means to omit needless things in all aspects of a person’s life whenever possible. To force everything in a person’s life to compete for that prime space and be worthy of the space in a person’s life.

Minimalist Principles dictates that almost everything in a person’s life should count for something and have a positive impact. Minimalist Principals are not the end but the beginning of filling a person’s life with what is truly important to them, in the hope of producing happiness and joy. Without getting rid of everything and emptying a person’s life.

Minimalist Principals requires a person to constantly edit their life, revisit and edit some more to ensure a great balance on the road to better living.


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Minimalist Principles Omitting Needless Things

When many people hear the term “Minimalist Principles” they hear remove everything, a barebones, possessionless. Just like when they hear the term ” Omit needless things”.

Like Minimalist Principles, omit needless things does not mean get rid of all of your possession. It means afterward everything that remains should count for something and have a purpose.

  • Possessions – Minimalist Principles dictate a person’s possessions should have a useful purpose. Are there things that can be discarded? Is everything you own important? Have purpose?
  • Purchasing – Minimalist Principles dictate people should only buy what they need and will use regularly. If an item is needed and will not be used regularly a person should try to borrow or rent it. Before buying anything over a certain dollar amount ($100 for me) there should be a waiting period (7 days for me) before purchasing it to protect against impulse buying and ensure the item is really needed. This will also ensure the person does not refill their life will useless things after decluttering and clearing them away.
  • Diet – Minimalist Principles dictate a person should eat when needed and eat simply. Not eat just because they are bored, entertainment or because it is a certain time of day. How much does a person really need to eat to survive and do they really need chili and cheese on those fries? LOL. I am going to say no! Why should a person fill their diet with sugary cakes and snacks? Foods where the package they come in has more nutritional value than the contents inside. Eat a simple diet where all of the foods and ingredients count and add nutritional value, aiding in ensuring lasting health.
  • Activities – Minimalist Principles dictate a person’s activities have a positive purpose, positive meaning and add value to their life. A person’s work activities and daily to-do list should be filled with activities that count to them. Not filled with items satisfying someone else’s agenda. Their to-do list should be filled with tasks that are really important to their positive long-term goals. It should include interactions with good friends and family.
  • Goals – Minimalist Principles dictate a person’s goals should not be to earn a lot of money at all cost. Money may solve some immediate problems an should be sought. It should not be the main goal in their life’s pursuits. Earn what is needed and look to enjoy life’s many simple pleasures along the way. Focus on just a few important goals that are really important to ensure success. Less is more. Before that person knows it they will possess all of the wealth they could ever want or need.


Minimalist Principles show how less can actually be more in a persons life. Minimalist Principles provide a path for more freedom, more time, more space and more pleasure in life.

Interest in The Minimalist Lifestyle is growing as people begin learning to value experiences over stuff and material things. A person can begin introducing Minimalist principles into their life by reducing their possession, be more conscious in spending, reducing the size of their wardrobe, eating and living more simply.

Here are my 10 Minimalist Lifestyle Tips to help you enjoy life more 😉




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