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  1. I honestly love street art and graffiti. One of my favorite things to do when I go into the city is find amazing art that has been sculpted or spray painted on a wall. I am not talking about gang tags or something like that. But, when an artists can take words and add life to them. Can create a 3D feature to a word and make it shine on the wall. The bright colors always grab my attention.

  2. Hello Tony thanks for this post. Talk about a work of art! Norman is very skillful in what he does. I particularly like the paintings on walls. It is so detailed and organized. It actually adds beauty to the area.
    I smiled when you said you it makes you chuckle on your way to work. Going to work does not make everyone smile. But imagine walking by a scenery that brings a smile to peoples’ faces. That could make a difference to their attitudes for the entire day. When returning home, though tired, those same scenery could do the same thing all over again. That’s a great booster for the spirit of a community. Talk about contributing to the life of the people in your area.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for your comment EJ. Yeah. The artwork just pops up in places that there was bare the day before. I think it is great and makes me chuckle. LOL