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Now Lifestyle Business

Now Lifestyle a Scam


I would not call Now Lifestyle a Scam. It does have qualities that may give the illusion of a scam but those qualities play a role in making it a possible great online business opportunity.

If you are looking to start a business to earn extra money and spend more quality time with family and friends Now Lifestyles may be for you. When I first looked at the Now Lifestyle online business opportunity I was not impressed.

It has a Multi-Level Marketing aspect and I am not a fan of MLM. There is nothing wrong with MLM as a whole. Almost everything you buy is sold on an MLM principle. It is just if not done right the need to recruit people into the business can be a sore spot for all involved.

The Now Lifestyle business may have found the answer to make MLM easier for the beginner and pro alike. Check out my honest review of the Now Lifestyle business and tell me what you think below.

What Is Now Lifestyles?

Now Lifestyles in a business owned by Joel Therien. As of 11/23 it is in pre-launch and aims to be the Amazon in the healthy living market. Joel Therien has a ton of experience and success in starting businesses leveraging technology and you can see it in the Now Lifestyle business.


What Products and Services Are Offered?

The products are as follows:

  • Health Products
  • Home Workout Body Boss Coaching Videos
  • Professional Auto Responder
  • Traffic Co-Op

Now Lifestyles promotes a healthy lifestyle as a business. Health care products are at the top of its offerings. Home workout instructions and professional workout videos round out the healthy lifestyle offerings.

On the business side, there is a professional autoresponder and email list builder and a traffic co-op that is promoted to help promote the business for the novice or busy person to earn profits on autopilot.

Now lifestyle goal is to be the Amazon of healthcare products. Amazon Associates program that offers an average of 4% commission on products purchased through partners affiliates links. Now Lifestyles would like to corner that market in healthcare products and supplements.

How Can Now Lifestyles Benefit Me?

Now Lifestyles offers products and services everyone can use. They offer health and wellness through workout plans and health supplements. That is a profitable but crowded niche.

Now Lifestyles offers a 7-minute workout process, coaching videos, and supplements through their membership site. The information and science that support the membership site are impressive and the technology is second to none.

The Now Lifestyles online business technology tools over-deliver. Education and marketing materials are also second to none. They offer an autoresponder to capture prospects’ emails and builds your email list, Ad copy, email scripts, marketing videos, and extensive written and video training.

These offerings are great for beginners and experienced online business marketers alike. They also offer a Facebook group and weekly webinar for training and instant problem-solving. Now Lifestyle goes out of their way to help members succeed. Is Now Lifestyle a Scam? I would say no.

What Is The Cost Of A Now Lifestyles Account?

Now Lifestyles offers individual pricing for their offerings for $27.97 a month each. The 3 offerings are Health and Wellness for 5 family members, Business Automation Autoresponder, and Reseller program.

But wait! Now Lifestyle offers all 3 of the above for $49.99 per month for the duration of the pre-launch. This looks to be the final rate and will include all upgrades. Now Lifestyle a Scam, no.

What Is The Now Lifestyles Compensations Plan?

Members will earn a 50% directly from membership plans, products, and services sold. That is a nice commission. Commissions are also earned when you sell membership access to Now Lifestyles membership plans and recruiting members.

Recruiting members is the MLM portion of the compensation plan. Members will earn residual income on all commission subject to an elaborate binary plan when you recruit two or more members. The binary setup pays out $20 for every cycle that’s generated within an affiliate’s team, and the residual commissions are capped at $40,000 every month.

Now Lifestyle A Scam Online Business?

Again, I don’t believe Now Lifestyle is a scam. I believe it may be a great business opportunity. Unfortunately, the great MLM and Affiliate Marketing tools give the impression the prospect of marketing being a bit aggressive.

As mentioned above, these tools are one of Now Lifestyles strengths as an online business opportunity. They offer the tools and training members will need to be successful. Beginners and the experience will appreciate them greatly.

I am lukewarm on recommending it as a great online business opportunity just because it has a large MLM component. I feel bad about that because Now Lifestyles offers great products, services, tools, and training. They make it very easy for all members to do well and that is the best part of Now Lifestyles.

If members give Now Lifestyles 6 months of hard work most should do very well. I just believe that Affiliate Marketing is the best way to earn an online income, it has worked well for me. Affiliate Marketing is the best long-term option for most because of its evergreen nature and ability to pivot with coming trends.

I must say The Wealthy Affiliate opportunity is still my favorite way to earn Location Independent Income hands down. It’s a perfect mix of training, tools, and community needed to be successful creating a Location Independent business that can support the lifestyle you choose. Learn more about the Wealthy Affiliate Opportunity.




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