Obama, Russia is a Regional Power LOL

“Russia is a regional power” acting out of “weakness” – President Obama. LOL

President Obama is BRILLIANT and HILARIOUS. He took a dig at Vladimir Putin and kept a straight face. LOL. Recently The President’s opponents have been praising Putin as the second coming decrying The President. In their hate for The President, they have embraced the ex-KGB agent and The President of a communist power, all the while calling President Obama communist as an insult. What does President Obama do? He cleverly insults opponents and Putin by calling him a “Regional Power. LOL

By calling Russia a regional power under Putin he is disregarding his opponents and Putin as lesser than they believe themselves to be. The President is saying you guys pretend to be important but I am The President of the Mutha  F*%$@ United States of America. You betta recognize!  LOL. Also by The President doing this all the while keeping a seriously straight face (it would have been nice if he gave a little wink), he was swatting them away like a dog would swat away flies buzzing around his ball on a hot summer day.



So very insignificant. In a thug like Putin’s mind, The President was saying this little fella is hung like a gnat. The little thug has not beat his chest since the symbolic smack in the mouth. That is how you handle bullies. As a matter of fact, Putin suddenly is acting like he has a few sensible brain cells left and called President Obama to discuss the Crimean Peninsula matter. That is more than  Putin’s new best friends, the republicans, have done in five years. I am sure the White House staff requested Putin to leave a message or gave the phone to Bo Obama. Regional powers rate much lower on the to-do list as The President has more pressing matters to deal with. In the meantime, The President’s republican opponents will continue to waste hundreds of millions of dollars holding a vote to appeal Obamacare. I believe they are up to 50 failed tear stained sessions. LOL

Putin denies stealing Kraft’s Super Bowl ring and claims to not remember meeting – but offers to create fake version of valuable bling

Vladimir Putin is a thug. For example, he stole a Super Bowl ring from New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft. He invites the man to his home. Admires and ask to see The Super Bowl Ring. Mr. Kraft proudly displays the ring and then hands it to Putin. Putin, the fake mini despot says of massive ring “I could kill someone with this ring,” put the ring in his pocket and walked off, surrounded by a trio of burly bodyguards.

THAT NUT JOB STOLE THE SUPER BOWL RING! We all know assholes like this and we all know what we would like to happen to them. I can not figure out how some of the most prominent Americans in the nation can support this low life over The American President. Oh! Wait a minute, I do know how and why. Luckily President Obama is a statesman and will handle both of them accordingly without embarrassing the nation.

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