Setting Up Office Where Ever I Am, NICE!

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In my journey toward minimalism I have got rid of a lot of junk. I now only by what I need. I am trying to get down to a few pairs of pants and shirts and a few pairs of shoes. For over a year now I have been setting up office most days all over the place because I and a field engineer. I have been setting up office at Malls, Parks and Train Stations. As I will eventually be living is a smaller space because I will find a space that will fit my minimal needs, I plan to be out side more doing things. I guess the down side of making your home really comfortable is that it is harder to leave it. I would like to volunteer more and be more involved in community and groups of interest. I have set up office in Newport Mall in Jersey City NJ this morning as I do often.

This is a great place for me because I partially work from home in between doing field service calls. This is a great location because I can catch The PATH train into NYC to Penn Station or World Trade Center and a majority of my service calls are in NYC. I also can catch the PATH train in the opposite direction to Penn Station Newark NJ to do service calls in New Jersey. I now try not to drive when ever possible and I has been fun as I see and learn more about people and my surroundings. Jersey City is great because it has a great waterfront and Liberty State Park is in walking distance when I don’t have a busy day. I also joined a Freegan Meet-Up Group and Jersey City allows me to meet them a various locations easily for trash tours.Today was turning out to be a slow day until I just got a emergency case on 17th st in NYC near Union Square. I have a problem because I get service calls I immediately picture they types of food available for lunch in that area. I am sort of a foodie and love different types of food. Well I have a company with a switch down so I will be on my way. What will be for lunch? Hummm!

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