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  1. Thanks for your comment Eric. I hope the players in Asia don’t experience what players in The United States are every week. I hear reports of players being killed by walking off of cliffs, walking into traffic and crashing cars. It looks like the game is still growing in popularity.

  2. Eric Estrella says:

    Hi Tony W

    Great post! Very informative, this Pokemon Go is I can say phenomenon nowadays. Here in Asia if I’am not mistaken this popular game started only past few months, but it’s look like they’re playing very long time already. I can see some benefits for this game like; being patience, meet other people and make bonding to your friends and family and the last thing is for those who want to losing weight, this game is quite interesting. I’m telling you the truth I never try this game before, but now a lot of good articles that I read, I will give it a try my self to enjoy it this game. Well done! Thanks a lot for sharing!


  3. Thanks Tony,
    Yes, I have been living under a rock. Now I understand why people have been out on the streets looking for pokemon. It will change the way people play games. It is amazing how the world of technology has evolved through the game industry.
    Will the AR have any affects of the user? Will it increase motor skills and brain function?

    1. Thanks for your comment Patty. Yes AR will increase motor skills and brain function. AR will provide you with instant learning and motor skills that only science fiction writers could dream of.

  4. Dave Dixon says:

    Hey, great article, and raises many thoughts.

    I have a horrible vision of the future, where instead of going to work, we lay in our beds with VR goggles on and work in a virtual environment instead.

    I used Goggles with my old Phantom 2 drone, and it was an incredible experience viewing through the drone with goggles, but I couldn’t keep it up every day! I hope mankind can use the technology wisely.


    1. Thanks for the comment Dave. I agree. I am not a real fan of VR. It is great for gaming. I believe AR will change the way we live, work and complete task.