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  1. Great information about smart sprinklers. I’ve always thought it kind of silly when driving around in the rain and seeing sprinklers going off. It seems like such a waste! This is even more true for areas that go through droughts and such. I live in an HOA community, and they control the sprinklers. I wonder if that’d be an option for them too. I may have to let them know about the possibilities and highlight the savings that could be made. Thanks for the info!

    1. Thanks for your comment Pete. HOA’s would be the smart water sprinkler controllers best customer. One unit could Handel up to 16 zones and more units could be added when needed. By some stroke of luck the money saved may find it’s way to the home owners. LOL

  2. Mohammad Makki says:

    This is a pretty good gadget for conservationists. I can see it becoming a lot more popular in the future, when it gets less expensive. As a conservationist myself, I’d buy it now if I had a sprinkler.

    Great article Tony! I love the use of your name as a brand. I do that too!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I believe that the larger the lawn the quicker smart water sprinkler controllers will pay for themselves. I agree the $250 price tag will discourage those whom have small lawns.