Save Water at Home With A Smart Sprinkler Controller

Save Water at Home

Save Water at Home


Put watering your lawn on autopilot and add voice and smartphone app control to save water at home. Sounds futuristic? Well, it is not and can easily be done at your home.

Let’s explore some easy to install products that will give you superhuman powers that will allow you to save water at home and money in your bank account.

There are smart water sprinkler controllers that install in the place of your current system or can be added to an in-ground sprinkler system. As is smart water sprinkler not only allows you to program the watering schedule but also uses local weather information to assist you.

The higher-end models are equipped with voice controls and allow you to use IOT (Internet Of Things) devices like Amazon Tap to schedule and control the smart water sprinkler controller to help save water at home.sult

Smart water sprinkler controllers are becoming more common and easier to install. They are internet-enabled and can be controlled over the internet and with a smartphone app.

Most of all, why water the lawn a day before or after heavy rain? With modern smart sprinkler controllers, this will never happen and you will save money and save water at home while using them. Also get The Aquasana Clean Water Machine: Obsessively engineered to provide the best water for your home.




Sprinkler Makes You Money

My favorite is the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller. There are others and they all can be found on Amazon and many other local retailers.

The Rachio comes equipped with all the features mentioned above, with onboard controls, a waterproof case and LED status lights. It even has a smartphone app that works well and helps streamline the initial setup process.

The Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller is priced at $250 for an eight-zone controller and $300 for 16 zones controller. This may seem expensive to some but just think of how much time and money you can save over its lifetime.

It’s great to save water at home but for most of us saving money is better. For me saving time is most valuable.

To install the Rachio replace the existing controller in-ground sprinkler system with the Rachio. Then you use the iOS or Android smartphone app, or use the web interface to connect the unit to your home’s Wi-Fi router.

From that point on the controller will automatically use local weather data to customize a watering schedule for you. Optimizing the watering schedule as necessary based on your preferences and updates to the weather forecast. Again, you are bound to save water at home and money in your bank account.

How to Save Water At Home

Once installed the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller works to help you save water at home and money in the bank but let’s take a quick look at how. Now you can control the Rachio Sprinkler Controller with your voice.

With one of the best integrations, you will be able to tell Alexa, the digital assistant within the Amazon Tap, to turn your sprinkler zones on or off while relaxing on the couch.  Here are some of the other smart home integrations that work well with the  Rachio:

These powerful integrations help the Rachio shine and are what really helps you save water at home. When you have this much control and ease of use you will actually use the system.

It actually becomes fun to use and using the system is how you save.


The Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller is a great system and the company has been improving software and build quality. We can look for additions to the list of inoperable systems in the future.

If you are responsible for properties that have an in-ground sprinkler system with multiple zones a smart water sprinkler controller may be something you should be taking a look at. Using one at home will save you water at home and money in your bank account.

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4 thoughts on “Save Water at Home With A Smart Sprinkler Controller”

  1. Great information about smart sprinklers. I’ve always thought it kind of silly when driving around in the rain and seeing sprinklers going off. It seems like such a waste! This is even more true for areas that go through droughts and such. I live in an HOA community, and they control the sprinklers. I wonder if that’d be an option for them too. I may have to let them know about the possibilities and highlight the savings that could be made. Thanks for the info!

    1. Thanks for your comment Pete. HOA’s would be the smart water sprinkler controllers best customer. One unit could Handel up to 16 zones and more units could be added when needed. By some stroke of luck the money saved may find it’s way to the home owners. LOL

  2. Avatar Mohammad Makki says:

    This is a pretty good gadget for conservationists. I can see it becoming a lot more popular in the future, when it gets less expensive. As a conservationist myself, I’d buy it now if I had a sprinkler.

    Great article Tony! I love the use of your name as a brand. I do that too!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I believe that the larger the lawn the quicker smart water sprinkler controllers will pay for themselves. I agree the $250 price tag will discourage those whom have small lawns.

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