Simple Eating: Save Time, Money, Health and Well Being

Simple Eating

Simple Eating


Simple Eating came about the more I practiced a Minimalist Living Lifestyle. I love cooking but I like avoiding the stress of figuring out what to cook or eat a few times a day.

Eating is not something you think about but it is something you think about if you know what I mean. Wouldnt it be nice to resolve the problem once and for all?

Why start from scratch two or three times a day figuring out what to eat? Duh! My Simple Eating plan solves the problem of what to eat for you forever.

Use my Simple Eating plan to save time, money, reduce stress, improve health, and wellbeing.

How Simple Eating Changed My Life

When I began practicing simple eating I began purchasing less food because I was not wasting the food I purchased. I was actually eating it all. Wasting food practically was eliminated.

I purchased more of what I actually liked and saved money by eating out less. Also as a result of simple eating and simplifying my diet I began to eat healthier and found it easier to maintain my optimal weight.

For some reason, Vegetables and raw food became a larger portion of my diet. Go figure. LOL. The more obvious benefit of Simple Eating is saving time and reducing stress because you have a plan to address those issues.

I love the benefit of spending less time in the kitchen and an average of 20 go 30 minutes at the supermarket. I am also experimenting with home delivery food service.







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My Simple Eating Plan

I love Avocados, hard bread, olive oil and find many ways to incorporate those items into my Simple Eating plans. What are your favorites that will be added to your plan? (Comment Below).

My simple eating plan is whole-foods focused and incorporates creating simple groups of ingredients to create my overall Simple Eating plan. For example, there are salads, raw foods, tacos, and ramen for me.

I stock those ingredients with meats, spices, and other staples to mix and match to create my masterpieces. I love to make quick guacamole, tomatoes with hard bread. This is one of my favorite go-to meals.

There is also a Salmon, chicken breast, and believe it or no, a Sardines meal that rounds out my simple eating meal plan. They are always ready to go, super quick, no mess, no stress.

You don’t have to be a great cook just keep the ingredients you love to create a few of your favorite simple meals ready to go. I like to stock:


  • Beans, rice, ramen noodles, pasta, and bread.
  • Fruit and vegetables.
  • A little meat, eggs, and cheese.
  • Don’t forget condiments and spices.


The point is to not food shop to create meals but to shop to replace your favorite ingredients as you need them. This will lead to fast and stress-free food shopping. The ingredients will almost create meals by themselves. LOL.

No recipes, planned meals, or food waste to weigh you down. This is my simplified approach to Simple Eating. Everyone’s likes and needs will be different but this simple structure can easily be followed to begin your simple eating journey.

The best way to create your list of favorite ingredients you must write down your favorite simple meals. Be sure those meals are simple and simple to prepare. The meals you would not mind eating regularly.

Use the ingredients to prepare those meals to create your list of preferred ingredients to keep stocked in your kitchen pantry. Remember these will be your goto ingredients.

My Simple Eating Shopping Tips

Now that you have created your simple eating shopping list it’s time to hunt and gather. As most of you already know I absolutely HATE any kind of shopping. I like to be in and out of any store I enter.

Food shopping can be especially stressful when you don’t have a plan. First of all the powers that be use the world’s best psychologist, human behaviorist, and the like to set the store up to incite you to spend money. Don’t fall for it.

Stick to your Simple Eating ingredients list. Over time you will not even need a list. It will become second nature. If things go as planned you will only need to shop once a month.

By the way. Eating out occasionally is not forbidden.

My Simple Eating Tips

I hate meal planning because I would routinely not be in the mood for the meal I planned at the time I planned it. LOL. That is why I am a big fan of the Simple Eating ingredients list.

I know what is on the list and I fantasize about how I will mix and match my favorite ingredients to create a meal just before mealtime. Your list will ensure you prepare for any and everything.

Don’t worry about becoming bored with Simple Eating. I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer but becoming bored with any meal in a First World Problem. Don’t forget to give thanks!

Now that is out of the way, how can you ever become bored with a list of your favorite ingredients? Be creative in creating your Simple Eating meals. As a result, I have been experimenting with Raw Diet Meals. The sky is the limit to what you can come up with within your Simple Eating journey.

Leftovers are the best and should be treated as so. They should be enjoyed as soon a possible to avoid food waste. I suggest you reserve a place for leftover meals.

Like I said enjoy your leftover meals as soon a possible or better yet use them to create even bigger better meals. Your favorite ingredients will never let you down.

Noting in your refrigerator should live there long. It’s not a showpiece or a museum. Everything in there serves a purpose and should be used.

Remember our goal is Simple Eating to save time, money, stress and that simply means only buy what you like to eat and eat everything you buy. Everything in your refrigerator should meet its fate and that is to be enjoyed. LOL.

Keep It Nutritious

As a result of simple eating, you will begin to eat healthier unless your ingredients list is filled with unhealthy ingredients. If that is the case take the time to revise your list. If you do not know what healthy means for you, do some research, and educate yourself.

Hey, sometimes I got on a Popeye’s Fried Chicken binge but I allow myself that. You can allow something similar but try to keep your snack to most of the items on your list. When your snack choice deviates from your list keep healthy nutrition in mind.

Try to focus your meals around whole grains, beans, legumes, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Don’t forget that you can start an Urban Garden and grow some of them.

Simple Eating should be fun, fast, and nutritious.




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