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  1. Great lists, Tony!

    I’m glad to say that I am doing a lot of these things. My wife and I pay all of our credit cards online. Now, we can even deposit checks to our bank account through our iPhone! If we could just get the senders to stop writing checks! And we use the compact fluorescent lights. My wife is a master gardener, so we have 3 compost barrels in our back yard (no meat or fish, though). And we do drink out tap water, though we put it through a filter to eliminate the strong chlorine taste.

    But I certainly did learn some facts that I did not know! Great scoop on getting rid of junk mail. 99% of our mail IS junk. Sometimes big, fat, glossy catalogs that we have no idea why we’re getting them (for heavy duty construction equipment)!

    And I did NOT realize charging overnight drained power. I figured once it’s charged, it stops drawing it. Great tip!

    Nor did I realize laptops took less energy than desk computers. I’ve been using a laptop at home for over a decade (for the convenience of being able to take it anywhere), but where I work there are many desk computers. I’ll give them your advice!

    Thanks for helping green me up!


    1. Roger you and your family are way a head of me. Your wife being a master gardener is great. You are more likely to have a more healthy diet and save money at the same time. The composting helps that process to. Lessening junk mail is big. It should be a crime to send as much junk mail that is being sent. They have to be losing money on it.

      Laptops save money and adds to productivity in the office. I have found the trend that many offices offering a co-working type environment where you are assigned desk space daily, especially for out of town employees and visitors. This allows for less office space (cuts cost) because you never have full office staff, there will always be rotating portions of the office telecommuting from home.

      I have even seen companies not even issue you a computer and just reimburse and potion of the cost of you buying your own laptop for work. They save on support as all laptops come with a few years of warranty service.

      I guess we all will continue to do our part.

  2. Dr Sarah Brewer says:

    Some great ideas here, Tony. I am not vegetarian by any means (love bacon!) but a plant based diet is certainly much greener and everyone would benefit from halving their intake of meat – from a health point of view. And when it comes to water and the environment, my sources tell me it takes over 2,400 gallons of water to produce one pound of meat, 2,000 gallons of water to produce one gallon of milk, but an average of 25 gallons of water to produce one pound of plant-based food. Makes you think!

    1. Even with the fact that the planet is 74% water the usage you state still are staggering. They are what they are. Bacon is a deal breaker for me also. LOL

  3. Tony, I am amazed at just HOW simple your ideas are, but they are things we don’t always remember to do! Thank you for a very inspiring article that will hopefully encourage all of us to take a good luck at how we are living and act now on these easy ideas you shared.
    Absolutely great advice! Now if we will just DO IT! ;)-


    1. Rita, I am sure if some of the money saving tips are not being done many will adopt them. Maybe. LOL

  4. James W D says:

    One thing that caught my attention here was the lightbulbs. A few years ago there was suppose to be a hike in electric prices in my area. My wife and I decided to prepare for this by lightening our load on our electric. The first thing that we did was to change all of our lightbulbs over to the electric friendly ones. We also changed out our thermostat to a programmable one so that we could better regulate the temperature.
    The end result was when the hike hit, our bill was cheaper than it was even before so.

    1. James, the hidden benefit of you changing to the compact fluorescent light bulbs is you won’t have to do it again for a long time. Some believe they can last up to ten years. Only time will tell.

  5. Jaron Swab says:

    Great post! I already go as a paperless as possible. Not only does it help keep trees around to help us breath but it has simplified and de-cluttered my life. I’m going to have to use your suggestion on checking to toilet leaks to make sure I’m not wasting water and money.

    1. Yes Jaron going paperless is a good habit. The toilet trick is a good one. Don’t feel betrayed by your toilet if this is leaking. I know I did. LOL