Stop Resisting That Local Guns Sale To Help Simplify Your Life

local guns sale

Local Guns Sale


If possible I am resisting an inevitable local guns sale and you are too. I have been a living simple minimalist for a few years and have downsized, reduced, reused, recycled and restored almost all of my possession except one. My guns! I only own two guns now and I read some people own much more. I did own 5 guns before downsizing. Do you have anything you know would help simplify your life if you had less of it?

I wonder why I did not even consider getting rid of at least one of my guns? Why did I treat getting rid of my guns in the same vein as getting rid of a family member? I harshly edited all of my possessions that were in the “just in case” category in my life but I still owned guns, just in case.

Do you own possession that fit into the “just in case” or my “guns sale” category? Possessions that you should downsize or eliminate to help simplify your life? Could it be tools, clothing, cars, pet peeve or a romantic interest? I will be focusing on my guns and why a guns sale would do me and possibly you a bit of good.

I am going to show how getting rid of some of your guns can bring you joy and help simplify your life. No . . .  really . . . bring joy and help simplify your life.  Stay with me here. Especially if you own a lot of guns but in many cases, you could substitute my guns sale for a possession that is having a similar effect on your life.

Since the election of President Obama in the United States, local guns sale have been rising yearly. In the yearly panic to buy guns before the impending gun ban (that never comes), people now own many more guns than they originally planned. Some people own 100 or more guns. Some have hoarded thousands of guns for personal use, in extreme cases. Whew! That is a lot of guns to own.

I Believe Guns Keep Me Safe

The reason I decided to purchase my first gun is a funny story. My first gun was purchased for protection. I was a young single man working as a Cable Field Service Technician.  I loved the job because it allowed me to be out and about and meet many different people during my daily activities. A woman I met told me she was married but separated from her husband after a few months of dating her.

That was a deal breaker for me. I did not need the drama. For some reason soon after I stopped seeing her I began having a reoccurring dream. A nightmare as it turns out. The dream began with the husband pounding on my studio apartment door. I would tell him to go away but he insisted that I open the door and pounded even harder.

As I walked away from the door I hear a shotgun blast. I look to see big holes in the door with light from the hallway shining through. I ran to my closet to grab my favorite baseball bat. Suddenly I realize the bat is not adequate protection for the situation. I am trapped with nowhere to go on the 17th floor.

As my door continues to degenerate with each shotgun blast I drop the baseball bat. I begin to panic as the door swings open with the final shotgun blast and he steps into the apartment. At that point, I would always find a way to wake myself up from the nightmare. LOL. I would always wake up with a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. It was never fear but anger.

I found having this reoccurring nightmare very disturbing. As a result, I believed I did nothing wrong but maybe my subconscious disagreed. I did break it off with the woman when I was told about the husband. The friends I told about this reoccurring nightmare thought it was funny. They really got a kick out of it.

One of my friends realized the feeling of helplessness I experienced at the end of the nightmare really disturbed me and suggested that I buy a gun for protection. He thought it would make me feel more empowered. He helped me with the process and even helped me get a part-time job with him in armed security.

We began to go to the shooting range and take firearms safety classes. He even took a few day course in North Carolina focusing on Law Enforcement Fire Arms Training. Owning the gun did not help with my nightmares.  I would wake myself up as soon as it started for fear I would shoot and kill the intruder. That is when I realized I really did not wish to kill anyone.

local guns sale

Edit Your Guns to Bring More Joy and Simplify Your Life

I rushed to purchase my guns just before the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban that resulted after the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan. I did not want to own an assault weapon, I just wanted handguns that could legally hold more than 10 rounds in the clip. For some reason, I fell for the scare tactic and believed if I was limited a 10 round clip, due to the pending Assault Weapons ban my world would come to an end. Maybe President Reagan was correct in supporting banning certain firearms in the United States.

After the purchase, I went to the gun range a few more times. Other than that I spent a lot of time worrying about my guns being secure and where they were located. It became stressful owning a few guns, I could only imagine how much more stressful it would be owning many more guns.

Studies show the stress from owning guns can be real. There are situations owning guns did make me feel safer. There are also times that owning guns caused me to delay defusing negative situations. I later realize unless there is a clear-cut, unshakable case that your life could only be saved by the use of firearms, the time you use them your life will change and almost never for the better.

You face the threat of lawsuits, imprisonment, guilt and public scorn. You also face the possibility of saving a life and public adulation but how often does that happen? Some of us will walk by a body lying in the gutter let alone save a life with a firearm. LOL.

Is owning guns worth that kind of stress? Is owning 10, 20, 50 or 100 guns worth that stress multiplied? For me No! When faced with the fact that toddlers shoot more people than the terrorist in The United States makes me worry about my guns.

Before you argue that terrorist shoots more people, the point is babies should not be shooting anyone. I always felt that guns never really made me feel safer. I go through 99% of my life never wishing I had a gun but now I am afraid of unruly toddlers. LOL

Time For Your Local Guns Sale

Is it time to get rid of some of your guns? Would it be great not to have that sudden panic attack wondering if you locked that gun safe or lock box? Or getting that sinking feeling when your gun is missing from your hiding space and you pray it is in the car.

Believe it or not, where I come from the minute you become a victim of an armed home invasion the police automatically sees you as a suspect. Just imagine if you have a couple of bodies on the floor? Your mental and legal problems would have only just begone. If you have children in the home they know where the guns are and how to unlock them to get full access. Trust me they do.

I know some gun owners believe they have trained all of the family members on the safe handling of guns but are all the members mentally stable and emotionally mature for that responsibility? Why have so many ticking time bombs accessible in your home? How many do you need? As a living simple minimalist, there was a time I owned just as many pairs of pants as I did guns.

Then I realized it was time for a guns sale to simplify my life even more. During that time I did feel naked without access to my guns for a while. I keep one handgun just in case but how often does just in case happen? I have not happened yet in all my years on this planet, thank God.

As a result, I no longer worry about securing deadly weapons and I don’t fear what has a high probability of never happening. I no longer pull the guns out to play with while drinking with the boys during the game. HOW STUPID WAS THAT BAD HABIT? I no longer worry about guns at all.  I just concentrate on living and being happy. After my guns sale I actually still feel safe and had a lot more money to create memories with the good friends and family I love.


Do you own guns? How many? Could your family benefit from a local guns sale? Would a family member feel safer if there was a guns sale? Is it possible someone with mental instabilities or a quick temper could gain access to your guns?

These are all of the questions that make being a gun owner stressful to me. To add more fuel to the fire I am the type of person when a gun is added to the mix, I am not as quick to defuse negative situations. Silly I know ;-( These are some of the reasons why a guns sale simplified my life. If you are a gun owner that does not share these concerns and sleeps well at night with your firearm under the pillow, God bless you and enjoy life 😉

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Tony W

Nothing to lose.

local guns sale

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