What’s The One Thing Your Business
Can’t Live Without?


Whether you are a brick-and-mortar, or you’re an infopreneur or blogger… you need customers to survive and thrive as a business.

But to attract customers, you have to provide the right information, information that your target audience is interested in.

Discovering that, well… that’s the real challenge, isn’t it?



Introducing SBI! for WordPress

WordPress is the most widely used content management system; and now SBI! is part of that success.

SBI! for WP is how you are going to: 

Focus your business on areas that will get results

  • Discover the topics your visitors and customers crave
  • Uncover competition or partnership opportunities instantly

This powerful tool is uniquely positioned to help you do that, and more.


What Is SBI! for WP and Who Is It For?

SBI! for WP is a combination of web-based learning, online tools, and a WordPress plugin that integrates your research and findings into your WordPress website, helping you to find topics and find customers for your business.

But what does that mean?

New Entrepreneurs & Bloggers

If you’re just starting your business, it means you’ll be able to use SBI! for WP to figure out what you’re supposed to do next. The web-based learning is a comprehensive approach to building a business from the ground up, and can be completed at your own pace. While it includes articles and information to help you with managing a WordPress site, that’s only a small part of the business knowledge you’ll gain. And the online tools are there to help you think about what you want to focus your business on and refine that concept based on what your potential audience actually needs.

If you’ve been in business for a while, it means you’ll be able to use SBI! for WP to continue to narrow your niche, orNew Entrepreneurs & Bloggers discover new areas in which to grow and expand your business. It also means you’ll have professional-grade tools to determine which topics to write about that might be of interest to readers and potential customers. And with full WordPress integration, you’ll be able to see exactly what the competition for a particular page or post might be, right within that content. SBI! for WP can help you focus and improve your content, resulting in more traffic, leads and sales.

How Does SBI! for WP Work?

The core of SBI! for WP is the Brainstorm It! keyword research tool. If you’ve used Google’s Keyword Planner, you have some idea of what it’s like to sift through different variations of words and phrases, trying to find that golden opportunity where there’s meaningful interest in a particular keyword, yet not too much competition.

Brainstorm It! is Google Keyword Planner after a few months of Miracle Grow.

First, instead of just one search, you can do three different kinds of searches, depending on what it is you’re trying to discover.


You can filter or sort the results in any way you like.

Master Keyword List

And, best of all, all your search results are automatically saved. You can come back at any time and review the keywords you’ve found, use them to spark new searches, or target one within a WordPress post for SEO and competitive research.

This gives you powerful keyword research that you can sustain and improve month after month.

No more starting from scratch each time you want to research keywords!

Other tools cost $69.95 a month, $79.00 a month, or more! Yet SBI! for WP, which also includes the web-based training and WordPress plugin, starts at just $17 a month.

Start Your SBI! for WP Free 30-Day Trial Today! No credit card required.


Join the Tens of Thousands Enjoying SBI!

Online entrepreneurs have been using SBI! to start and focus their business for years. Now, with SBI! for WP, you too can eliminate the challenges of focusing your business and discovering topics to write about.

We spent a lot of time interviewing bloggers and business owners and demonstrating our tools and processes to them, and the positive response has been overwhelming.


You can quickly get started on improving your business or blog with a free 30-day trial, no credit card required, and after that, you’ll pay just $17 a month, or $149 a year.Advanced Keyword & Niche Research Tools.


Brainstorm It!, our proprietary smart brainstormer, niche identifier, and keyword researcher helps you find potential site concepts for your business, even if you’re only starting with a few general ideas. You will develop a marketable niche for your business, one that’s neither too competitive to win nor too small to earn a substantial income.

Real-Time Content Analysis

The SBI! for WP plugin connects your site’s content with powerful market intelligence. It eliminates guesswork and ensures that every page and post you create has maximum traffic- and income-building potential. After you install and activate the plugin, you have direct dashboard access to the results from your keyword research with Brainstorm It!. As you create new content, you’ll know the interest, competition, and potential for the keyword you want to write about. Niche-dominating knowledge, right at your fingertips!

Comprehensive Online Business Training

The Action Guide is your roadmap that takes you from idea development to income. Conveniently divided into 10 action-oriented sections, the Guide walks you through the crucial steps of online business-building, including brainstorming and keyword research, domain name registration, site design, page-building, traffic generation techniques and monetization strategies. The Guide helps you stay on track and build a profitable business with equity.

Extensive Knowledge Base

Your business-building training and education continue with the vast Knowledge Base. For no extra charge, you have access to a wide range of up-to-date, supplementary information to deepen your understanding and fine-tune your business strategies. We monitor what’s happening on the Internet and bring all important relevant developments directly to you, leaving you with more time to focus on your business.

Plus 24/7 Support & Private Forums

You are never alone as you build your business. You are part of a vibrant, success-focused community who meet to share advice, ask questions, give answers, explain strategies, etc. Our “help and be helped” forums are full of generous-minded mentors who “pay it forward” and help you meet your goals. And if you get stuck? Our 24/7 customer support team is nothing short of fanatical to help you succeed.

SBI! for WP

The SBI! for WordPress Plugin


Brainstorm It! Integration

Quickly connect all of your Brainstorm It! research and your Master Keyword List to your WordPress website. Use it to review and optimize existing content, or to inspire and guide new content.

Keyword Insights

Select a target keyword from your Master Keyword List (or add one on the fly) and see the Interest, Competition and Potential for that keyword real-time within your WordPress page or post.

Keyword Usage

See where else within your WordPress site you’ve used that target keyword so that you can refer to that content and cross-link for more a powerful user experience and search engine indexing.

Competitive Insights

Find out what the top ten ranked sites are for that target keyword and see them within your WordPress content, along with ten additional related sites for each.

Experience how quickly you’ll uncover previously hidden business and monetization opportunities..



Cancel Anytime. No Questions Asked.



SBI! for WP includes unlimited use of the Master Keyword List, integration with one WordPress implementation with unlimited Target Keyword selection, and an allowance of 25 search credits which are depleted only as searches are performed. Your Master Keyword List can contain up to 5000 keywords generated through Brainstorms.* The Free Trial grants 10 search credits initially, with an additional 15 search credits upon paid upgrade. An additional 25 search credits are granted annually.

* Yeah, we hate limits too. The last thing we want to do is stifle your creativity and research. We’re looking into ways that we can eliminate such restrictions, while still ensuring that the tool is used appropriately. Currently, more search credits are available if needed for a nominal fee.

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