Learn To Sleep Better and Enjoy The Same Relaxation As While On Vacation

Sleep Better

Sleep Better


If you are like me you sleep better while on vacation. It’s something about staying in a hotel. You can learn how to achieve that level of relaxation at home every night. I often wonder why vacations require doing more with less?

We leave our well-stocked homes and communities, pack a small bag and spend time in a hotel room or a tent as a reward. Why do we stock our homes with so much junk and consider leaving it for on bag full of stuff and a small room for vacation?

I spoke about learning to fall asleep faster but better sleep is even more important. Follow these very simple steps to help learn to achieve summer vacation levels of sleep in your everyday life.

Better sleep is known to reduce stress and improve overall health and well-being.




Sleep Better Than Vacation At Home

1 . Active Rest – Sleep is the best form of rest the body can receive but it is not the only way the body gets rest. Active rest can be the tranquil time you spend with friends and family.

When this time is fun, spiritual and supportive the effect is comparable to physical rest.

Activities, like avoiding stress, exercise and lying on the beach, are activities we do on vacation that exemplifies active rest. We can incorporate these behaviors into our daily lives to aid in achieving that vacation better sleep every night.

2. Avoid The Grind – For some reason, we know how to wind down and conduct a true before bed routine when on vacation. We know how to relax and get ready for a good nights sleep. Whatever your routine we don’t do anything mentally taxing.

We keep activity light and airy before bed. We are not thinking about work or other problems and we are not worrying about text and emails. This aids in better sleep while on vacation.

We can incorporate this behavior when we get home sleep better. Learn to truly unwind and leave the days events behind and the next day’s events for the next day.

3. Cool Is Really Better – This seems counter-productive to me but it actually works. I don’t know if it is the cooler temperatures or the fact in the back of my mind I know I am not paying the higher electric bill for the better sleep. LOL.

Sleep experts recommend keeping your bedroom in the 60- to 67-degree range for better sleep. If you are not a tightwad like me this is an activity you can incorporate into your bedtime routine to sleep better.

4. Keep It Quiet – I tend to vacation in quiet locations. I am sure this adds to the better sleep effect I always experience when on vacation. Keeping things quiet to sleep better is a no-brainer but I don’t think we are deliberate about pursuing it when at home.

We use the television to block outside noise but we can be more deliberate and try other ways to simulate quiet.

You can’t do much about the outside noise, search for noise inside your home and do what you can to get rid of it. You have to keep your spouse and children. Your mother-in-law . . . LOL.

I have tried ResMed Personal Sleep Solution to monitor my sleep with promising results. You can use devices to produce natural sounds or white noise to drown out others sounds to sleep better.

5. Do In The Dark – Added to the fact you would like to hide from prying eyes when on vacation, hotel rooms are dark than most people’s bedrooms. They either have no windows or they use special blackout curtains.

This darker than dark effect aids in better sleep. You can get blackout curtains to achieve the effect you get while on vacation to sleep better at home. If style is a problem you can try curtain liners to achieve the same effect.

You can wake up everyday looking and feeling like you are in the middle of a relaxing Carribean vacation. Just follow these simple steps to sleep better.



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