Minimalist Lifestyle Movement


Minimalist Lifestyle Movement: Amazing Things You Need to Know

Minimalist Lifestyle Movement Who May Benefit From The Minimalist Lifestyle Movement? There is no one definition to define a Minimalist lifestyle, the practice seems to become more and more popular as time goes on. Be it Millennials that want a different lifestyle from consumerism and overconsumption their parents lived. The Baby Boomer is astounded by all…

The Minimalist Lifestyle Taught Me The Negative Effect of Multitasking

Negative Effect of Multitasking . It took me to become a Minimalist to realize the negative effect of multitasking. I have worked in the field doing installs and repairs in the telecommunication industry most of my life and prided myself on the ability to multitask. Multitasking is not as efficient as we are led to believe….