The Hand of Fate Reveals The Secret Of Life, You Were Meant For More

The Hand of Fate

The Hand of Fate


The human body is a design marvel but the simple design of the hand of fate is even greater. Yes, the design of the hand is far greater than the design of even the human brain. The hand is proof humans are meant to do more than just live to survive or just exist. Humans are meant to do and be more.

The design of the human body is so complexed that it can be overwhelming to those other than scientist to understand in a deep way. A way that encompasses life’s big picture.

Hidden in the hand’s design is the secret of life. Yes, I said it!  THE SECRET OF LIFE! LOL. The purpose of human existence. The reason humans exist. If you are now looking at your hand and saying WTF! I get it. I did the same thing. The hand of fate is real.

These are some HUGE claims, but I find them to be true and you will also. The hand, the greatest tool design in the universe. The builder and destroyer of worlds. The hand is so great and powerful, the world greatest mind still don’t fully understand the hand and it’s marvelous design secrets.

The hand is proof humans are meant to do more than work a job they hate, eat, sleep and procreate. Even more than doing things like going to school and studying a major just because your parents want you to.


In fact, two-thirds are disengaged at work, or worse, according to a new Gallup study on the American workplace – CBS News.


Even more than living to blindly consume. Filling closets, basements, garages, attics, storage units and stomachs with stuff no reason at all. Sometimes just because of boredom. Other times because of a force of habit or addictions, but most people don’t know why they consume unnecessarily.

What is the hand of fate tell you about your life’s mission? I will help you find out.



The Still Amazing But Commonly Known Facts About The Hand

Most people do not go through the day giving thanks to the amazing capabilities of their hands. Well, there are times people do thank God for those capabilities but this is a family page and we will not go there today. LOL.

The hand is amazing. We use our hands for harsh work, delicate work, to cause pain and pleasure, all in the same day. Sometimes all within hours of each other. All without thinking about it or batting an eye.

A person can be tossing around hundreds of pounds working out in the gym one moment, performing delicate brain surgery, changing a flat tire or painting a masterpiece all on the same day. Using the amazing design and capabilities of the hands.

This is truly the hand of fate. Just imagine your life or what the course of humanity would be if the hand were a lesser design. 

People who study the hand know arteries located on the palm side of the hand are designed in such a way that they are not choked off as people grasp heavy objects.

People who study the hand also know How the radial and ulnar arteries at the wrist pass into the palm where they form dual arcades that allow continued blood supply to the tissues even when objects are grasped.

The average person just takes for granted the hand will perform it’s magic when called upon and never realize they are actually performing magic daily. The hand of fate is the ultimate tool.

These feats of magic are often taken for granted daily just as human capabilities and peak performance are often squandered in a lifespan. Human beings are meant for more. Allow the hand of fate to guide you.

The More Amazing Uncommonly Known Facts About The Hand

Take a look at your hand. Really look at it like you never have before. Watch your fingers move. Be amazed at how delicate and how much power can be generated, instantly, on demand. The Creator is AMAZING!

How is this even possible? The capabilities of the hand set humans apart from all other creatures on the planet. Again, what would be the trajectory of human existence with a lesser design?

I shudder in horror even thinking about it. The hand of fate has been good to human beings it that respect

The muscles in the hand are creatively arranged so that movements are controlled by muscles in the forearm not the smaller weaker muscles in the hand itself. The fingers are connected to the forearm by long tendons that pass through a flexible band.

This design gives the fingers incredible movement and strength. The larger muscles in the forearms allow the hand to create tremendous power in the small compact design.


In addition, the skin in the fingers is special because it has cells of fat that give cushion-like protection for the huge number of nerve endings underneath. There are four types of skin receptors that respond to pressure (light and deep), touch, pain and temperature. Fingernails help to judge how firmly to hold anything –Creation.


Surgeons marvel at how paired digital arteries to each finger are so enveloped with ligamentous supports that they will not kink off during flexing, bending and grasping.

They are also amazed at how the low-pressure venous system is primarily located on the back of the hand where restriction of blood-flow would not occur with a powerful grasp.

With that said the medical community still does not understand how blood flows to the small bones within the wrist and the mechanisms that regulate blood flow to the hand in response to tissue needs.

The hand is AMAZING!

The Hand: Holder Of The Secrets Of Life

Whether you believe in Creationism, Intelligent DesignEvolution or The hand of fate, you must admit the design of the human hand is amazing. You have to believe this proves Human beings were meant to do and be more.

The hand functions equally as well in a variety of activities, ranging from delicate, dexterous and power but poor at fighting suggest anything? Does the fact humans don’t possess large muscles, claws and fangs for fighting suggest anything?

The human hand can be used as a weapon for fighting and self-defense but they are poorly suited for the task as compared to other creatures. Does this mean humans are better suited for another purpose?

Are humans fulfilling that purpose?

What is your purpose?

I can tell you.

I have found the secrets of life.

My search for the secret of life has been a long one. Looking at the enormous wealth of human diversity, natural talents and capabilities the answer had escaped me. But one day it hit me.

While reading the Stoics, Marcus Aurelius spoke about deeds of kindness and a man doing what he was made for.


“Man is born for deeds of kindness; and when he has done a kindly action, or otherwise served the common welfare, he has done what he was made for, and has received his quittance.” – Marcus Aurelius


That is the secret of life. To serve humanity. To do whatever you were made to do to serve humanity. Use your personal talents and abilities to do good deeds and spread kindness. Serve humanity the way your hands serve you.

Efficiently, quietly and without complaint.

The human hand quietly serves, without complaint or maintenance a staggering array of the task. The hand servers while injured and can tend to injuries to other parts of the body if required. Human beings are meant to serve humanity in similar ways.

Use your special talents to serve humanity, whatever they are and not be selfish serving yourself.

We have seen the effects of the alternatives.


In today’s society, Silicon Valley is hiring the worlds best and brightest minds to sell products and get clicks on the internet. What a waste of humanity serving brain power and talent.

The world’s militaries are also hiring the worlds best and brightest to exploit people and creating dangerous weapons. Human beings are not suited to fighting and war. Why is the society so vested in it? What type of world are we creating?


Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like – Will Rogers.


Many of the worlds best and brightest took the bait and consigned themselves to selling the world products and services instead of serving humanity.

The worlds best and brightest from all walks of life, Academia, Sports, Entertainment, Media, The Arts and many others feel it is more important to sell the world stuff it does not need rather than serving humanity.

Everyone and their grandmother have a clothing line. How much crap can we buy? LOL

Take a look at the hand. Your hands. The hand of fate.

Look at the genius and magic in the design. Your hands can perform an endless number of delicate tasks one second and generate tremendous crushing power on demand the next second. Instantaneously.

The hand is suited for those and many other tasks. Ironically the hand is not well suited for self-defense or war. no matter how hard society tries to make it so. That is not the human purpose. That is not the secret of life.

For though we walk in the flesh, we are not waging war according to the flesh – 2 Corinthians 10:3


Society seems to be more focused on making War, Consumerism, Capitalism and ever-growing Neoliberalism. Humans were made to do human work.

We all have special abilities. Some people are great at sports or math. Other people are great at The Arts or Science. It’s common to believe people should exploit their talents to make money, enrich themselves and survive.

That is half correct. The secret of life lies in using our special abilities to serve humanity. Not ourselves. In serving humanity making money, enriching themselves and surviving will be a welcomed byproduct.

The hand like you were meant for bigger, grander things. Pay homage to the hand. Be more. Live more. Pursue your dreams without worry. More life, less stuff. The secret of life is for humans to do human work. Serve humanity. Be guided by the hand of fate.



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8 thoughts on “The Hand of Fate Reveals The Secret Of Life, You Were Meant For More”

  1. Right on. I’m always amazed at how simple parts of our body are made with such beautiful complexities. You really did make a great point. We are made for something more than just existing. We were made to use the things that we were created with to live a life that is one full of honor, respect, and hard work.

    1. Thanks for your comment Cyrus. I could not have said it better 😉

  2. Right on. I’m always amazed at how simple parts of our body are made with such beautiful complexities. You really did make a great point. We are made for something more than just existing. We were made to use the things that we were created with to live a life that is one full of honor, respect, and hard work.

    1. Thanks for your comment Cyrus. I could not have said it better 😉

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