The Minimalist Living Irony That Changed My Life For The Better

The Minimalist Living Irony

The Minimalist Living Irony


The minimalist living irony that changed my life. As a beginning Minimalist, I started doing without more stuff and began to notice a few things. There is a minimalist living irony at work. As I began to not eat at every impulse I noticed how much perfectly good food  I would see on the ground or in the garbage.

One day as I ignored hunger I saw a perfectly good bag of bagels near a garbage can. On inspection, I found out that a few were my favorite raisin and cinnamon. I was going to take a few but was afraid there may be something wrong with them.

The minimalist living irony is at work again. If I was not sure where my next meal was coming from I would have gladly had those bagels for lunch.

I also made a conscious effort to use public transportation and I have come to find out that public transportation goes almost everywhere I needed to go if I did not mind walking a little more.



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This takes more time but I get some exercise and I am not stressed out sitting in traffic. I am usually napping, reading or checking out the ladies. LOL.

I am a Field Engineer for a Telecommunications Company in NY and NJ so I travel daily to job sites. I would often hear about the person that is highly stressed out, they leave the big house and things they worked hard for to go relax and unwind.

Why is that? This usually means they seek a more minimalist existence.

Some go away on a trip that may include one or two bags of possessions and a stay in a single hotel room. They leave everything else behind. Interesting! Or People go camping to relieve stress and relax.

Again they leave the home and toys they worked and stressed to live in a small cabin or an even smaller tent in the woods. This is the ultimate minimalist living irony.

They or should I say we may have it all wrong. Maybe we should live a more stress-free life and give up some of the possession, toys, and responsibilities to live an actual stress-free happy existence.

As I try this but it has been less painful than I thought it would be. It is actually not painful at all. I am looking to turn my minimalist living irony into a more happy life reality.

How did the powers that be get us to willingly run on this hamster wheel and reward them with profits? My plans are in their beginning stages. They may seem severe so I will go slow and reveal them as I proceed but I must say I’m loving it more and more as I go on.



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