The Poop Cycle. It Makes it’s Way Back Into Your Home

poop cycle


Unfortunately the Poop that you flush down the toilet bowl will make it’s way back into your home. It’s an amazing cycle and a yucky thought but it is true. This video discuss the cycle of how sewage is refined. This is something we never think about (unless you are in the industry). I like this video because it dose not get into the grimy details but is informative. Sewage refinement is a perfect example of recycling and reusing waste (literally). If we can recycle the most unthinkable human waste product (raw sewage) why not everything else? What a better place the world would be if the human race just recycled and re-purposed EVERYTHING! WE DO IT WITH POOP! If something as unappealing as poop can be flushed down the toilet and make it’s way back into your home (recycled and refined) why not everything else? Live better with less.





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