What Is A Minimalist Lifestyle? What It is Not and Minimalism’s Benefits

What Is A Minimalist Lifestyle

What Is A Minimalist Lifestyle?


What is a Minimalist Lifestyle? Living a minimalist lifestyle is nothing new. It’s just common sense. Why burden yourself with more than you need?

Yes, I did say burden. When humans were hunter-gatherers to carry more than you need was a burden. It has just been since the Agricultural movement humans are steadily acquiring more than they need.

The Agriculture movement afforded humans the opportunity to set up semi-permanent domiciles in one place. Humans were now able to accumulate more than they could carry and more than they needed to survive.

With the ability to store food and accumulate more possessions than needed without immediate ill effects the race began. Crime soon followed. Then the need to protect the accumulated possessions and you guessed it. War!

Will living a Minimalist Lifestyle prevent war, hunger and cause world peace? Hell no. LOL. Let’s look at what is a Minimalist Lifestyle and it’s praised benefits.


What A Minimalist Lifestyle Is Not

The interest in Minimalism and The Minimalist Lifestyle has been on the rise for many years. The Minimalist Lifestyle is not a radical lifestyle. Before I answer the question “what is a minimalist lifestyle?” let’s look what it is not.

The Minimalist Lifestyle is not about living with only 10, 50 or even 100 things. If a person chooses to do so that is fine but not required.

The Minimalist Lifestyle is not about not owning a car, television or any of the great things that make life more pleasurable and comfortable.

The Minimalist Lifestyle is not about living in exotic places and traveling the world living out of a backpack. For me, that would be nice but not required. LOL

The Minimalist Lifestyle is not about being frugal but in almost all cases living a Minimalist Lifestyle will save money.

Living a Minimalist Lifestyle does not mean you can’t have hobbies or own collectibles.

Adopting the minimalist lifestyle does not mean your home has to bear with no furniture or all of your furniture has to be white and boring.

Living a Minimalist lifestyle does not mean you have to get rid of your children. LOL




What A Minimalist Lifestyle Is

When confronted with the question, what is a minimalist lifestyle? The first word that comes to mind is “Quality”. It’s about controlling what enters your life and ensuring quality.

It’s not about focusing on less because ensuring quality in itself will create less. In that sense, less is more. It’s about intentionally living with only things a person needs and being ruthless about eliminating things a person does not need.

This adds an element of clarity and purpose to a persons life. The Minimalist is seeking quality and only the essentials in their life. Believe it or not, people don’t really have time for much more.

There are only 24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week and 28470 days in a life. Why intentionally waste any of it?

Living a minimalist lifestyle should be unique to the person, no steadfast rules. A person minimalism will be different from my minimalism. What adds value to one person’s life may be different from another person’s and that is ok.

I do believe every individual should have a clear vision of what their minimalism is and the goals they would like to reach. A person should be able to envision what minimalism looks like in their life.

Minimalism reminds you to abandon the consumerism insane train to find enjoyment in more productive places. Don’t shop or eat out because you are bored. Don’t find enjoyment buying things you don’t really need because it’s on sale.

Seek enjoyment in things that are really important to you. Most people don’t remember the stuff they purchased a week ago. Seek enjoyment in relationships with good friends, family and creating wonderful experiences. The important.

The Minimalist Lifestyle forces a person to slow down in this fast pace world and be deliberate in what they would like to experience in it. They make the choice. If it does not make them happy or add value they have the choice to get rid of it.

Once that person has decluttered their life of useless internal and external pieces they are freed from the time once spent managing, storing and maintaining those pieces. They now have time to closely examine what is left. The essential, the pieces of life a person enjoys most.

The Benefits Of AMinimalist Lifestyle

The benefits of living a Minimalist Lifestyle can be many. The main benefit is freedom. It allows people to be deliberately free from many of the burdens of life.

If it is a burden minimalism requires a person to examine it and possibly get rid of it. Minimalism strengthens a persons mental and physical resources to allow burdens to be more easily examine it and possibly discarded.

Minimalis helps people . . .

  • Live Free
  • Live Healthier
  • Elevate the important
  • Live in the moment
  • Grow as a person
  • Build Stronger Relationships
  • Consume less
  • Contribute more
  • Live our passions
  • Avoid Stress
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Live more with less

As you can see the minimalist lifestyle encompasses every aspect of a person life. Hopefully to enhance and focus it for the better.

Now that I have answered the question, what is a minimalist lifestyle? I would like to know what you think. Could you benefit from minimalism? Are you benefiting from minimalism and how?

Here are my 10 Minimalist Lifestyle Tips to help you enjoy life more 😉



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