Who Killed Electric Car and Set The Industry Back Decades?

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who killed electric car

Who Killed Electric Car


Who killed electric car? People loved the EV-1 electric car. They begged GM to let them keep the car. People begged GM to let them buy the car. Some at double the value of the car. GM said no! They forced the owners to return the car at the end of the lease. Some at the threat of a lawsuit. Some people were even arrested.

A documentary that investigates the birth and death of the electric car, as well as the role of renewable energy and sustainable living in the future.

GM collected all of the cars and crushed them. THAT’S RIGHT, YOU READ IT CORRECTLY. GM CRUSHED OVER 1000 CARS. Why? Who killed electric car?For some reason after years of developing the car and building infrastructure (at substantial cost) for the car GM stopped marketing the car and literally went out of their way to talk bad about the car and did everything not to sell the car. You could only lease them not purchase them. Why? Who killed electric car.

For some reason, all auto manufacturers began to crush and then shred all of their new electric vehicles. Why do we the people allow big business and politicians push us around? They bleed us of every penny they can get and then bleed us of the quality of life. Just imagine if the EV-1 electric car was not assassinated. Oil prices would be under one dollar (my opinion). We would have had the Tesla, BMW i8 and all of the electric and hybrid cars we are just realizing today decades ago.

We would not be at war in the middle east and we would not have been pushed into a depression to fund America’s longest wars. Also, global warming would not be as severe as it is. All just because the EV-1 was killed. If we can find out who killed the EV-1 electric car we will find who is killing the quality of life of The American people. Now you have to see it again. If you have not seen this grab a drink, get a comfortable watch and get angry.


Who Killed the Electric Car?

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