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  1. Hi Tony. Really liked the article. Trying to balance work and play time is often difficult when you work from home. So many distractions! So many reasons to leave your laptop! I try to treat my week like a work week. I’m “on the clock” til 5pm. Then I’m “off the clock” til the next day. It’s not an easy balance though. Alanna

  2. I personally believes in “work now play later”. I don’t care if I work extra now for as long as I get to retire early. I don’t want to be working on my 60s were I can stay at home and take care of my grand kids. For me the work – life balance is for people who wants to work 4 days a week or less hours a day. People who only cares about their weekends but not years ahead of their future.

    But that is only my opinion.

    1. I agree Von and thanks for your comments. The work life balance strategy is too restrictive. Like I stated earlier working your priorities and goals is more fitting. Work life balance may also give a false sense of security.