I Worked at Rolex Watch Today and was Pleasantly Suprised

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I had a job at Rolex Watch on 5th Ave in New York City today. Working in NYC is easy for me. No driving and it is never boring. I have worked this location often, either installing telecommunications equipment or troubleshooting a problem. Today was different because for the first time I was sent to the showroom instead of the data center. That was a culture shock for me. First of all the elevator opens into the showroom when you get to the floor. I was in shock for a second because one, I hate when the elevator just opens into an occupied room instead of a hallway or corridor. Two, the place was set up like the lobby of a five-star hotel and not a retail store showroom.

Rolex Watch 665 5th Ave


At Rolex Watch Looking Like a Fish Out of Water

Looking around I did not know what to do. I thought I was on the wrong floor and everyone there knew I was not there to purchase a Rolex watch. Feeling like a fish out of the water. I would have called security on myself if I were a customer there. LOL. I just don’t look like the type capable of spending a minimum of $10,000 on a watch.

All of the employees looked like models and the service looked to be excellent as I eavesdropped on the conversation. As I waited to be escorted to the data center I could hear the people being serviced by number as they explained the troubles they were having with their watches. They were somewhat nit-picky for me but I guess if you paid $30,000 for a watch it should work perfectly.


The Rolex Watch employees asked questions like, are you the original owner? Where did you purchase the watch? Would you be able to fax us a copy of the receipt in a few days? This as they never denied anyone excellent service. The Swatch Watch store never asked me those questions as I don’t believe they have a repair department. LOL. There were a few what I believed to be snobs in there also. They looked me up and down, as I wear no jewelry and don’t own a named brand article of clothing. I agree with them.

I just looked like I did not belong, but that is the point. isn’t it? Given a choice, I would love to own an expensive watch one day but I don’t think it will be a $30,000 Rolex Watch. I am not knocking them. Do what makes you happy as long as it does not hurt anyone else. I did find it strange that with all of the employees I encountered no one wore a Rolex Watch.

There was one employee I was not sure about because I could not read the brand name of the watch she was wearing. I must say I was impressed by the company’s operation. The service looked to be of very high quality for their customers and the employees were extremely polite and professional.

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