You’ll Wait Longest For The Doctor In This State

There’s a short list of things that are worse than the never-ending wait to see the doctor. And according to a new report, not all cities and states are alike when it comes to wait times.


The new report from Vitals, which is based on patient-reported wait times from its database of more than 870,000 doctors, shows that the average U.S. wait time to see a doctor in 2014 is 20 minutes and 16 seconds. (Last year, it was 20 minutes and 17 seconds.)

City-wise, Seattle, Wash., had the shortest average doctor wait time, at 16 minutes and 15 seconds. Milwaukee, Wisc., was right behind — at 16 minutes and 17 seconds, followed by Denver, Colo. at 16 minutes and 25 seconds (Denver had the shortest wait time last year, at 15 minutes and 15 seconds) and Minneapolis, Minn., at 16 minutes and 42 seconds. Meanwhile, El Paso, Texas, had the longest wait time, at 29 minutes and 20 seconds.

Check out the states with the shortest and longest wait times, below:

The states with the shortest wait times:
1. Wisconsin: 15 minutes, 32 seconds
2. New Hampshire: 15 minutes, 40 seconds
3. Maine: 16 minutes, 7 seconds
4. Vermont: 16 minutes, 25 seconds
5. Washington: 16 minutes, 39 seconds

The states with the longest wait times:
1. Mississippi: 24 minutes, 45 seconds
2. Alabama: 24 minutes, 18 seconds
3. Tennessee: 23 minutes, 11 seconds
4. West Virginia: 23 minutes, 10 seconds
5. Louisiana: 23 minutes, 4 seconds


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